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ETF Pittsburgh Video Back; YouTube Videomakers Beware!

Just to let everyone know, my video of the End The Fed Protest is back online with sound.

Some may remember me posting about this a few weeks back when the audio was pulled because I had used 45 seconds of the Stone Temple Pilots' song "Press Play."

At the time I speculated that the video may have been targeted for political reasons, partially due to the fact that there were so many other videos that used copyrighted music, including thousands of STP videos -- some containing full album tracks -- that had not been pulled.

Also, most people from around the country were eager to share their footage after the protests, so they released raw or quickly-edited videos. Since I took a little extra time it was (arguably) one of the better-produced End The Fed videos made.

However, I found out that YouTube does indeed now employ automated content matching software, and it appears that they have now pulled (or are in the process of pulling) ALL videos using music that WMG owns the rights to (which is a lot). I guess there was a time lag while they software scanned through their full library of videos.

From YouTube:

How do Audio ID and Video ID work?

Rights holders deliver YouTube reference files (audio-only or video) of content they own, metadata describing that content, and policies on what they want YouTube to do when we find a match.

We compare videos uploaded to YouTube against those reference files.

Our technology automatically identifies your content and applies your preferred policy: monetize, track, or block.

So, be warned: if you use WMG material in your YouTube videos, they WILL kill the audio, and other record labels could be next.

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Yup. End the Fed.

Great to see that excellent video back online. Nothing is more inspirational than seeing so many people freezing their butts off to spread the message. End the Fed!!!!!!!

I'm awesome.