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Who's Watching the Watchmen? UK picks up MIAC story!

There's also another problem: the information may or may not be accurate. According to the same DHS privacy assessment on the SARs programme:
Generally, participants will not check the information for accuracy. Information may be cross referenced with other component SARs data, or verified through systems of records within an individual component. SARs data is taken "as is" for analysis purposes only. Any action taken on based on any SARS data in this project would be properly vetted and researched through a component's appropriate channels.
And where will all this possibly accurate information go?

One place is fusion centres.

And it's not only Muslim and leftwing groups that have come under scrutiny. This month a leaked February bulletin from the Missouri Information Analysis Centre said support for independent presidential candidates like Ron Paul or an affinity for Revolutionary war-era "Don't Tread on Me" flags could mean you're a militia member a la Timothy McVeigh.


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Good read.


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Freedom, Prosperity and Peace