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The New Four Questions: Why is this tax season different . . . ?

As I'm hoping that the Angel of Death (IRS) will indeed passover the pathetic tax forms I'm sending in, I thought I'd post these new "Four Questions" here for your amusement.
Wouldn't these make for an interesting discussion at seder? ;)
("Borrowed" from a little video "Money as Debt" http://www.wealthycanadians.net/index.php?option=com_content...)

Question 1:
Why do governments CHOOSE to borrow money
from private banks at interest when gov't could
create all the interest-free money it needs, itself?

Question 2:
Why create money as debt at all? Why create money at all?
Why not create money that circulates permanently
and doesn't have to be perpetually re-borrowed at interest in
order to exist ?

Question 3:
How can a money system that can only function with perpetually
accelerating growth be used to build a sustainable economy?
Isn't it logical that perpetually accelerating growth and
sustainability are incompatible?

Question 4:
What is it about our current system that makes it
totally dependent on perpetual growth?
What needs to be changed to allow the creation
of a sustainable economy?

(Do you think the answer to Question 4 might be: "Lo and behold what my Amish have done . . ." ...talk about sustainability!!! What do you think?)

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I caught Bill Clinton once

Saying, how much growth is good ? (speaks for itself)

my answers

Q1: because this is the basis of fractional reserve lending. banks create the money when loans are issued. the central bank only creates a fraction of the new capital, or so we're led to believe. only an audit would shed light on that.

Q2: because even crazy keynes realized the inherent danger of a government having unlimited ability to spend. only he thought tinkering with interest rates and intervention would work. they do, actually, but they are far more devastating than natural market corrections.

Q3: it can't, that's why rampant bankruptcy and boom and bust cycles are intrinsic to the system.

Q4: because every dollar in circulation, printed or otherwise, is borrowed into existence at interest. as for the amish, they are not sustainable. they eschew technology and have to breed like rabbits just to keep up with the work. that is not a lifestyle anyone needs to or should have to endure. the only way a real sustainable economy would work is if we go back to using specie and the world population is reduced to a quarter or less of what it is right now via passive eugenics (in other words, let the morons kill themselves off). ending socialism would be a step in the right direction. it would stop forcing us to keep alive lazy and stupid people, which the world is infested with at the moment.

We could even have no taxes with tiny inflation

But then Rothschilds would have to work; and that's unthinkable. There are parties to attend and islands to buy.

I have run into more people this first quarter of 2009 that...

are being audited by the Fed, most are military, or ex-military, they don't make much money, so why would they pick on them?

How are you, Mike?

Corel working for you?

I'm hanging in there. Corel saved my butt with Owens-Corning

who, btw, owns the color Pink. I'm coming back around soon. It's been a very busy few months.

Good for you! Love those chickens!


Of course, they'll never answer these 4 questions,

as it would prove that "they" are not needed. We got along without them (income taxes), before the 16th non-ratified amendment, we can get along without them now! And the Fed, that's another whole beast, which answers to no one!

It's so frustrating!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your post, Qwerk.

Oh, and if you please, pass the Bread (and butter) of Affliction? heh heh....
Frustration? You frustrated? Naaaaaaaa...........

Good Questions Child In The Manger

I love the video, Money as Debt. Interesting link.. Canada. must be a Mary Croft inspired post ;))

I think your questions will take someone smarter than me to answer.. Can I have until after Easter?

Thank you for your post, Granger.

Easter,,,,, OK!
I should be back by then. In the meantime, pass the Bread (and butter) of Affliction . . . I think Luke and Mark need some for that grated apple - walnut-wine dip thingy.... great seder, huh?