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The Thank You Thread. (The Daily Paul was down earlier)

Thank you everyone who wrote to tell me about the pink box at the top of the site, and not being able to log in. Some of you thought you were banned! Oh, come on - I'd never ban you!

It was strange. I was on the site, everything was fine, and I came back 10 minutes later and the site had broken. I don't think it was anything nefarious - just one of the database tables had crashed. It happens from time to time on site this busy, but overall the site is very robust.

So a big thanks to the good folks at Rimuhosting who helped me get the site back up and running so quickly. And to all the people who participated in the fax bomb today. And to all the people who donated to the site this week, and to Bob at Ready Made Resources for doing that auction. And to everyone who read my article over at Bull! Not bull on Popular Culture and the Stock Market. It has been a while since I've done any writing on the market. The article made the front page of Rense.com, and so got a ton of readers!

And of course, thank you all. The Daily Paul would be nothing without you. I am very, very thankful for this community, as it keeps me sane in a world that has indeed turned upside down. Thank you!

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I noticed I couldn’t sign in Friday.

I didn’t think I was banned, silly goose (…never crossed my mind). I just figured the site was gettin’ funky on us again. =)

Have a nice day, Michael.

—Cliff in Sioux City, Iowa
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pesky little boxes

there's a green one and a pink one......

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thank you for starting this

thank you for starting this site & keep up the good work!!!

I'm pretty sure it was kat.

She was playing with the cord earlier and I think she might have accidentally pulled it out.



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We appreciate you and everything you do. Again - thank you.

Detective Krum Investigates:

Detective Krum Investigates:

Hey Michael

What do you mean we keep you sane? I'm coo coo for coco puffs, coo coo for coco puffs. Good job.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson

That was quick :)

good job ! :)

I thought I was going crazy

I thought I was going crazy with a cyber attack from the neocons. Where shall we all go to communicate if something bad happens at the daily paul. I even googled daily paul crash to see if it was just my computer.

Remember when DP was down

Remember when DP was down for a week? At least it seemed like it. That was when I really knew that I had become addicted to Daily Paul. ;-)

One Good Thing Came Out Of This

I finally made the move to Mozilla Firefox from Microsoft Internet Explorer while I was waiting for the site to come online again.

Wow, it's like stepping out of the dark ages into modern times!

Michael Nystrom's picture

Yeah - Now you ought to try

Yeah - Now you ought to try Google's Chrome.

It is even faster, if you can believe that.

He's the man.

I'll Look Into It

Oh and I promise I won't use Adblock Plus to censor all the adverts on the site ;-)

Thank you Michael

I commend you for your great work and allowing the Daily Paul to be an open forum.



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Oh man, the other day, I put a proof online for a customer

and it replaced my home page! I didn't know for hours.

wow it wasn't just me?! i was not banned!!! yeah!

I got busy checking other forums to see if anyone was posting that dp was down... cleaned up my hard drive...so on and so on... and it wasn't me. dang commie pinko box! ha ha ha ___________________________________________________
"the foxes and the coyotes are arguing about how to fix the hen house"

Thank goodness

your back!! That pink box freaked me out,I allso did a little hard drive spring cleaning. :o)

pretty funny

I almost did my taxes and went job hunting...(sorta joking tone) sarcasm?___________________________________________________
"the foxes and the coyotes are arguing about how to fix the hen house"



You Da Man Michael!

For Freedom!

For Freedom!
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I noticed I couldn't log in but noticed that the site wasn't

moving and the user list was empty so I figured it was a crash. I took some time to go look around on facebook and got added to Trevor Lymans facebook friends :) Pretty cool :)

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Right Back Atcha!!

Thank You! You keep us sane by giving us a forum to air our (sometime) insanities, and we are grateful. This community is a great source to find the latest news.

It's a Conspiracy...

taxdayteaparty.com is down too. I was trying to send the link to a friend.

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So The SIte Was Down

I thought I was going crazy or something or that we'd been hacked by all those new people we've been attracting on to the site because of the two polls we've been winning lately.

Remember everyone - be on your best behaviour - lots of newcomers coming in that we could potentially convert.

As always Michael, thank you, thank you, thank you, for this wonderful meeting place you have created here. It keeps me sane too (or drives me insane sometimes)!!

No, thanks necessary,

No thanks necessary, Michael...but a big thanks is necessary from all of us "daily-Paulers" to one Michael Nystrom.

totally ditto that!


I thought I got some sort of

I thought I got some sort of virus and ran a 2 hour scan. Everything checked out OK though.



and Thank you

for being fast in responding-fixing the problem!

a big hug for Daily Paul family*)
peace patriots*)

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