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How can we respond to a global currency?

I was wondering what actions we could take, both individually and as a collective, that would have an adverse impact upon things if our government endorsed and began going through with plans to implement a global currency. I know we would have to do the basics: Protest, write to those in charge of it, start a grass roots movement; but what else could be done? Please post your ideas. We need to be prepared well ahead of time with strategies and plans to counter such actions.

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It's an educational war...

We need to educate as many people as we can about the benefits of having private competing currencies instead of being forced into a monetary system by a central bank or a government. We need to emphasize the importance of freedom of choice and the dangers of force.

The more we teach our family, friends and neighbors about this important subject, the greater chance we'll have of getting the people to ignore the upcoming forced currencies and replace them with a variety of private currencies...

Eventually a few private currencies will win out... Just like Microsoft won the unregulated computer war.

We win when currency isn't monopolized. Period. End of story.

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Refuse to accept it or spend it.

Only use gold and silver. Article one section ten; US constitution.

I've been using an alternate payment system for 8 years already.

Here is a list of 10 private alternate monetary systems around the world scroll to the bottom of the page:


A lot of people are skeptical of anything new, but look what Alan Greenspan said about electronic money and banking:

From a very educational Alan Greenspan speech in 1996, he mentions early "FREE" banking.
Please click here:


{snips} You have heard many points of view today on electronic money and banking. New products are being designed to challenge the use of currency and checks in millions of routine consumer transactions. Other new systems may allow payments or banking instructions to be sent over networks such as the Internet, which is unprecedented in providing versatile, low-cost communication capabilities. Again, as in the 1970s, articles are being written and conferences are being held to pronounce the end of paper. They may again prove premature.

The payment systems of the United States present a paradox. Our systems and banking arrangements for handling high-value dollar payments are all electronic and have been for many years. Banking records, including those for loans and deposits, have been computerized since the 1960s. Securities markets also now rely on highly automated records and systems, born out of necessity following the paperwork crisis of the 1970s.

As financial systems become more complex, detailed rules and standards have become both burdensome and ineffective, if not counterproductive. If we wish to foster financial innovation, we must be careful not to impose rules that inhibit it. I am especially concerned that we not attempt to impede unduly our newest innovation, electronic money, or more generally, our increasingly broad electronic payments system.

The bottom line is:
If we the people, can buy up most of the world's Gold, one gram at a time, we can regain control of the country and the world.
It is not impossible!!!


I know most of the people here have gold or silver

and have the sentiment, let her rip.

But, when Geithner just mentioned this the other day, he had to do a quick backtrack because it caused such a horrible wobble in the dollar.

I think we need to be doing what we always do and write our three specific people (congressmen and senators) and anyone else we can contact and tell them to keep their stinkin' mits off the dollar. Tell them we don't want an electronic currency, nor do we want vouchers to purchase with and nor will we put up with Real ID/Veri Chip. One of the criticisms of FairTax is that the rebate would be a huge thing to undertake. How about vouchers for everyone. Talk about a huge undertaking. If the amount of money that has been thrown at this thing could not save it, then how would more money do it. It should come to a screeching halt and it would help if they would do something for the people for a change.

I think we have less than a week. When the G20 happens, they are making this decision. Did you listen to Brown/Merkel. They said we would comply and everyone else is in.

Stupid Question

Isn't gold a global curracny?

There was a DP thread on setting up a local barter system

among folks here and the networking we can create. Sorry I could not locate it. Assistance anyone?


This link has other links also:



Hey Jarhead

You were in the Marines; there was your way and the Marine way. Did you ever change anything ? The Government is bigger than the Marine Corps.

See you around the base


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I don't think it will be done

overnight.It will be done little by little like everything they do.Or they will sneak it into some law
and we won't know what hit us.
The only thing that will stop this madness is for millions of people
to hit the streets.

use it for toilet paper?

exactly the same way we should respond to any worthless piece of paper: recognize it for what it really is and go back to using gold.

does it really matter if our monetary system is controlled by ben bernanke, new york bankers, rothschilds in london, or the chinese communist party? funny money is fraudulent and wrong and promotes slavery. it doesn't matter who the hell your master is, it matters that you have a master!

now get back to work, slackers, or you don't get any gruel tonight!

We'll need puppets. And some stilts.

A teabag. A shoe. And a checkbook.

Seriously, we just have to keep waking people up. There's no stopping the global currency.