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FLASH * Paul IS Electable

1. First maintain proper focus. On the 220th anniversary of the Constitution, at a 100-supporter meeting in Florida, Ron Paul closed his stump speech with the perfect nuance:


Note. He recognizes there is a possibility of short-run defeat. But he is 100% convinced that THE REVOLUTION WILL WIN ITS CAUSE, whether or not it completes the victory in this year. Focus on this, the Third American Revolution, in choosing your campaign activities. The Revolution is much much more than this election. But directing virtually all efforts to this election can't hurt, and "there's a risk he can win!"

2. Now as for winning that election. EVERY statement of unelectability, long shot, won't happen, can't win, etc. by the media is a PREDICTION (and a challenge) unworthy of passing for journalism. EVERY prediction disguised as news should be boldly rejected by unmasking the media's lack of predictive experience (and their bias and unobjectivity about their nonexpertise). Examples:

"'Long shot' is a gambling term, for which you are unqualified to judge. Professional oddsmakers give Paul 5-1 (sportsbook), better than Thompson and many others. Professional bettors at Intrade rate Paul third, ahead of Huckabee and Thompson for most days since 11/2."

Direct statements like this demonstrate the MSM for what they are: vile Wormtongues usurping influence.

3. Since the media relies on such phony news (as well as direct ad-hominem like Charen), that can be dismissed and the question of winning becomes one of whether voting Paul is a "wasted vote". I can tell you as a mathematician (Libera_me's husband) that the "wasted vote" argument is a classic case of putting the voter in a "prisoner's dilemma" where there is apparent paradox within the voter's goals.

Minor newsflash interesting to three people. I have solved the prisoner's dilemma. There IS a paradox within voter goals (it has been proven to exist in any voting situation with more than two choices). In this case the manifestation is: vote Paul and risk Clinton, or vote Republican and risk Rudy Rompson. The reason for the paradox is that the voter's goal is wrong. The goal everyone else wants you to have is to maximize the odds of your candidate winning. This goal is counterproductive: by permitting second-guessing it sows the seeds of dilemma and inaction.

Elections are peacetime equivalents of mustering (numbering) troops for war. We are in a global war against collectivism and we are a major faction, but there are many factions. Why would one ever, ever, ever defect from one's own army and cooperate with a larger army which has different goals with which you often radically disagree? The argument "the larger army has better odds" is answered "and it gives you less of what you want"-- and when the increase in odds is so dramatically upset by the decrease in results, it is a resounding and definitive answer.

The goal you should have is to maximize the product of the odds of winning and the odds of the candidate delivering what you want. Ron Paul delivers 100.0% of what we both want! THAT'S where our passion stems from and that's what drives up up up the odds of winning! This REMOVES the dilemma and GALVANIZES action! Go Ronpaulicans!

4. Let's review the past record of the "predictors".

Sunny weather disappoints rally of crackpot Noah, 7 followers.

Egyptian 1st Chariot Army conquers rebel Hebrew tent city at Red Sea.

Uncountable horde of Midianites crushes 300 ragtag "Gideons".

King Saul I captures holed-up hermitic band of 600 "Davidians".

The battle is to the strong, the race to the swift.

Three-nation alliance destroys upstart tinhorn Jehoshaphat.

Hare wins race, tortoise distant second.

Itinerant rabbi executed on capital crime, disciples dispersed, "peace" movement ends.

Spanish Armada victorious.

Three ships lost at sea in terra incognita, including Santa Maria.

Galileo proven wrong in court. (Thanks user "Galileo".)

Monarch George III suppresses vandal insurgents led by "George Washington".

Hayes concedes to President-Elect Sam Tilden.

Gaslights reign as homes reject risk of "electrical fires".

Titanic completes world-record Atlantic trek.

"Tele-visions" on junkheaps due to radio audiences of millions.

Dewey defeats Truman.

Arabs scorch earth in six-day Mideast war.

Talk radio on junkheap due to TV audiences of millions.

Booming typewriter sales force closure of world's last "computer" company; "internet" is dead.

Gore awarded Florida's electoral votes.

Ron Paul can't break 1% in polls.

Ron Paul can't break 2% in polls. (Etc.)


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Interesting list

Galileo proven wrong in court

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

"global war against collectivism"

Very good quote... I have often said that this battle is us versus the "us versus them"s

us represents the individualists, who recognize that all people are individuals at there core and cannot be clustered into discernible stereotypes.

the "us versus them"s are those who believe there is some diametric opposition to the group in which they identify themselves. 'us' is the righteous/logical/good side and 'them' is the oppressive/illogical/evil side.

in an anthropology class we observe that the individualist identifies his "culture" as a union of people like himself. the collectivist identifies himself as an element of the set.

collectivists have obvious prejudicial patterns because they often don't want to be associated with "undesirables" (think of everyone who denounces Ron Paul for not denouncing small subsets of his supporters). The individualists don't care whose lunch-table they're at so long as it has the best food.

America loves the underdog! Especially when...

it's each one of us! Let's start writing this story!!!

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