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Find Out The Cost To Run The Same USA Today Full Page Ad ...

in your local paper. If you do not have the money to run the ad, get your meet-up group to chip in (does not count toward your total giving).

The internet right now is the only way we can get the word out and there are a lot of people that do not use the internet.

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Great Idea

Also, if anyone lives in a state that attracts winter visitors, you might look into papers that focus on those visitors.

Because they are a cross section of America and many are from early primary states.

Smaller local paers are real good

You can run a good local paper ad for $1000 or less I plan on running one when it nears the election in my state

Another Ad

Yeah. Good idea. Go check out the 'bump' we got over at teaparty07.com (It ain't there).

We got like a thousand new pledges

On November 21 before the USA Today Ad, TeaParty had 18,481 pledges. As of Nov 22 at 12:14pm TeaParty has 19,338 pledges. That's 857 pledges, 857 x 100$ = $857,000. That's pretty good for an $85,000 Ad!!!

Most ChipIn Donations Count As Donations to RP

If a donor can reasonably expect that a substantial portion of his contribution will be used for the express advocacy of the election Ron Paul, the donation will count as a contribution to Ron Paul's campaign.

There is a lot of misinformation on this. Please pass the correct word on this.

Yours in Liberty,


Yours in Liberty,
Libertarian Legal Fund

Mr. Lepard has stated that

Mr. Lepard has stated that he wants others to use the ad, only stipulation is to remove his and Linda Lagana's names from the ad. He posted that here or on Ron Paul Forums, read it here or there. People are free to make changes as they see fit.

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

Excellent idea!

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Was it B&W or full color?

Was it B&W or full color? I'm contacting some papers near me to find out costs.


Does anyone know if Larry

Does anyone know if Larry Lepard would share the artwork/ad, minus his name on it of course.