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You all make me proud!!!

So I head out to hit up the busy grocery with Slim Jims and DVD's and we were at $8.97 mil in donations when I left... I finish passing out the Slim Jims and DVD's, come home and check back in and we've hit the $9 mill mark!!!! Way to go everyone.

Please keep in mind though, money alone will not get RP to the big house... we need to talk to people and also ultra-important, to get the delegates in our individual states.

Man Slim Jims and DVD's go quick. I ordered 200 Slim Jims the first time and blew right through them. I ordered 500 two weeks ago and already am halfway through them. DVD's go quick as well.

You all have a wonderous Thanksgiving and feast yourself to a larger size of Underoo's!!!

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Another point

is to also help register first time voters...the ones who are not being included in the MSM polls.

And educate them as to why it's so important to vote in their state's primary.

This is very important...make sure people are aware of their states rules, regulations and deadlines that make voters eligible to vote in the Republican primary.

If they have been listening to Dobbs and registered Independent, make sure they know whether or not Independents will be able to vote. If not and they want to vote for RP help them find out what they need to do to make that happen.

One other point, many of the states are changing rules almost daily, make sure you keep abreast of your states rules, changes and deadlines.

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even better...

let them fill out the form and take it to the Supervisor of Elections yourself. This is completely legal and what we started doing. This way there isn't an accidental procrastination. If you can get their phone number as well, you can always give them a ring before the primary, just to make sure... :)

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Slim Jims and DVD's

Great job getting out and meeting new people, that will be very important all the way to the finish line. I love getting out there and telling people about Ron Paul most everyone is very interested.

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