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Lepard Frustrated at USA Today Ad Placement - How will this be resolved?

Congratulations and Frustration Mingle for Ron Paul Ad Buyer Lepard

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lawrence Lepard has been deluged with congratulations for buying a nearly $100,000 full page ad in USA Today yesterday supporting presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex). But Lepard apparently spent part of the day in negotiations with the newspaper over what he considers to be the wrong placement of the ad. He believed it was set for the first section of the newspaper, but that’s not where it showed up, at least not in some editions.

Lepard was both frustrated and surprised to find that the ad ended up in another section of the newspaper after he believed he was given assurances that the ad would be placed on the right hand page in the newspaper’s lead section. There are several sections to USA Today, including a lifestyle section, and a business section.

As of press-time it was not clear what resolution might be achieved, if any. If Lepard wished to focus on the positives, he could apparently take a long look at his in-box which likely overflowed with about 1,000 e-mails by day’s end, most of them thanking him for an act of political selflessness.

Original article: http://www.freemarketnews.com/WorldNews.asp?nid=51722&fb=1

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USA Today article

Does anyone have a copy of this article that can e-mail it to me? I would like to start handing it out as well!


I let both my dad and my Uncle read the add at Thanksgiving.

Both are involved in Republican politics in Houston Co Tn.

My Uncle said it was a good add. I do not know who he is favoring yet. He is still looking at it.

My dad, the Neo-Con asked about the Abortion issue. It is not listed anywhere in the add. Opps. However my dad is not going to vote for RP no matter what I do. We still get in the ''we need to fight them over there'' mode.

Out of the rest of my family, most do not like Rudy, but would vote for him if he wins the nomination. They are from Tenn, and most favor Fred Thompson right now.

convince your Dad

that he doesn't need to vote in the primary. .. Use those famous polls as evidence not to waste his time. (wink, wink)


The Ad was Awesome! Just because some someone has a "marketing degree" (the college equivelant of basketweaving for business) doesn't mean they know "jack".. Their just good at making pretty pictures.

Great Ad, I'm shrinking it down, making copies and handing them out.
It is a first class piece of work and I'd be proud to hand that out to people.

Geez, folks, don't pick nits

It was a great ad. Lepard did a wonderful thing for us. This will bring in a huge pile of new folks. Enjoy! :-)

It was a GREAT ad for

It was a GREAT ad for supporters - terrible ad for someone who is not "political"

There was so much noise in the thing 99% of readers would not make it has the first two bullets. Talk to any marketing person and they'll confirm what I'm saying. "It's too busy" is what I heard from a few experts.

LL is an awesome supporter but if you're going to plunk down 85,000 for an ad - outsource the design to an agency or at least consult with them.


People aren't as stupid as modern marketing makes them out to be. The ad was great, very readable, good amount of information etc.

Besides we are in the information era and people are accustomed to being bombarded with information.

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It caught your eye but then blinded you

But Ron Pauls face and info was too small They probley will give him credit for the being placed in the wrong place. He should revisit it if they run another one but hell who am I to complain the guy forked out 100K would have ran the ads in NH

I strongly agree

it was terrible ad for nonpolitical people.

I disagree

The ad was Mr. Lepard's to do as he saw fit. He paid for it, so he had final say. Originality and creativity in this campaign are very important to me and obviously alot of other people too, since we keep making new signs, new videos, new websites, etc to spread the message.

Freedom leads to innovation, and innovation leads to progress. I guess we'll find out on December 16th how much progress this ad helped the campaign make.

Please listen to me when I tell you that Ron Paul is expecting Dec. 16th to be a big day. He is saying that in interviews, and the MSM is reporting what he has said. Do not let him down, please.

I work in a convenience

I work in a convenience store and I had the ad open on the counter and one of my regulars who I discuss politics with regularly saw it, read it , and said it made him rethink his entire view on politics and now he feels the need to study "some other candidates" before he makes up his mind now

by the way


so whether or not this ad is placed in the right spot (it was in the National news section, which wasn't thattt bad), it's getting to people's heads

Paul will get some switch votes from this

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I like it.

It is a beautiful ad. I really think it is one of the best I have seen yet.
I did not buy a paper so I did not see where it was at in the paper.
I wanted to buy a paper as a token of my esteem to Dr. Paul. But, I thought it would be a good idea not to since I am already set on Ron Paul for president in 2008!
I have type RP blood.

Go Ron Paul!

none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

rp blood


Yeah it was a good ad, better than some the campaign has produced.

"we fear change, especially nickels"

My girlfriend had a flight Wednesday

And while siting at the terminal in Kansas City in her revolution sweatshirt she saw 3 people from her flight alone reading the ad. This thing had great results.

Such a great ad and timing.

Such a great ad and timing. The ad looked great and the timing could not be better. Maybe we will see this ad reprinted in papers all over the nation. Thanks L.L.

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USA Today Full Page Ad

We're so grateful for this type of exposure and the incredible
quality/content of this ad!
We've reduced it to fit on 8 1/2 by 14 legal paper and are using
it for another promotional tool.

News paper are well know for missrepresenting thead placement

You need it in exact writing if they give you a unspecified place they use this to try to get you to buy another spot.They'll run another ad for like 50,000 since they make there money by advertisers or theyll run another ad in a bad spot


If you're "moveon.org" insulting a US general (who can only follow politicians' orders). Then you get great ad-placement for a cheap price from the same monolithic big-media establishment. Why, it's almost as if there's a pattern of pro-big-government bias involved! Nah!! Couldn't be!!! ;)

ZING! Hehe, your alias


Hehe, your alias certainly befits you (I love sarcasm and I agree with you totally).

Liberals want to be your Mommy. Conservatives want to be your Daddy. Libertarians want to treat you like an adult.
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Give them time

I don't think that a bunch of people who just found out about Ron Paul through the ad are going to all of a sudden donate, they need some time to research him.

Read the contract

No ad without a contract. Contract defines the deal. I am comfortable that USA Today is covered by the contract.

Is USA Today owned by the "you know who's?"

Their masthead looks clear of the usual gangsters.




ad placement

I can offer an educated guess on this as I've worked in advertising at a newspaper.

Its standard policy at my paper that position requests, where you'd request your ad to run, is never guaranteed. If Lepard's team paid extra for special placement consideration then they certainly have a bitch. At my paper, if the requested position can't be accommodated then that extra fee is refunded. If they REALLY make a stink it's my experience that they could get a rerun at half the cost and a better chance of getting the originally desired placement.

If that's the case. I'm happy to donate to the cause...

Let's see what Lawrence can work out...

If he got guarantees in

If he got guarantees in writing then he has a case otherwise, he's more than likely screwed.

Sue them. I'll chip in $$$

Sue them. I'll chip in $$$ for any legal fees.

USA Today Add

Thank you so much for this add. You have spread Dr. Pauls name to so many new people and more importantly it inspires people like me to go out and do more. To push harder to help spread the word.

By the way if you ask me I would want it in the SPORTS section. Heaven knows how many of my friends get the USA TODAY just for the Wednesday sports section and throw out the rest of the paper.

those clever

clever people

Nice ad - results on donations and tp pledges not clear.

Well, I thought the placement of the ad was great, and it should introduce a lot of people to Dr. Paul who have never heard of him.

I was talking to a friend from Cleveland, who told me that he had never heard of Dr. Paul except through family. So this ad may help Dr. Paul achieve name recognition in the important national polls.

I must admit, though, I thought that there would be a measurable bump in donations yesterday and today both in terms of number of pledges at teaparty07.com, or in donations at ronpaul2008.com. Hard to say, today being a holiday. Maybe the pledge number and donations would have normally gone way down. But there was no obvious gap up, like during our money bombs.

The important question is to guide future supporters who want to make a splash by doing something important for Dr. Paul. Another idea might be to pay for a lot of billboard ads in key states. Or radio, or TV, of course.

My heartfelt congratulations to Lawrence Lepard. He's done a wonderful and great thing. We have to keep trying all sorts of things to let people know more about Dr. Paul, but I suspect that talking to friends and relatives is a much needed step.

Billboards I think would work for me. Nice thing about them is, you see them again and again on your way to work.


and this AD will make talking to friends and relatives much easier

let's not let it disappear!

it is well composed


rescue mission!

I just found a small obscure newspaper vending machine by local Safeway which still had 3 copies of USA Today, so I promptly rescued them. I think tomorrow the containers will be restacked, so if you feel like taking a walk after the heavy dinner, check your neighborhood - you may find some too. It would be a pity if these gems ended up in a shredder. For $.75 you get a great piece of Paul propaganda that you can give to your friends.



I don't usually watch TV, but Phenomenon was on (CBS I think) anyway, one of the events requested that you go to the USA Today ad section and read a classified he took out 1 week in advance of the show that ended his magic trick or whatever. Anyway, I thought it was interesting that that also happened yesterday.

Ron Paul 2008 - Washingtion County Iowa Chair

Ron Paul 2008 - Washingtion County Iowa Chair

Placement and response rate...

The placement could have been better. It would have been nice if it was in the politics section (where the JC Penny ad was).

I am curious what the response rate was. How many people saw the ad and went to the websites or emailed llepard? In other words, is this something we should consider raising money to do again, or should we try other ways of advertising?