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Zogby Interactive Homepage mentions the death of phone polls

Thank you John. At least one polling company won't be surprised come November.

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Speaking of dead...

The campaign's email's still-bouncing. Both geeks (free) and disk space (free at gmail, anyway) abound, so this needs to be fixed ASAP...

I just called them, and it

I just called them, and it turns out they're still getting our emails, but due to some glitch or other we're getting a bounce message anyway. Sounded like a very busy place after the move.

New Office

They just moved to a new office so that could have something to do with it. My emails have not been bouncing since I read that.

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Zogby errors remain

The error Zogby makes remains: they admit they adjust the responses to fit voting demographic profile of the area. Let me ask you this: does your Meetup group fit the typical "likely Republican primary voter?" No, of course not. So how valid is their survey of likely Republican voters?

Dr. Paul is the only candidate building his own base, rather than trying to carve up the shinking GOP base. Dr. Paul is bringing new voices into his camp. Keep pushing and expanding his reach.

Think summertime parades and highway overpass sign presentations. These are high-impression-count ways to get his name recognition up. That's all polls are at this point.

Register with Zogby

I would encourage everyone to register with Zogby Interactive. It helps ensure our voices are heard on these important issues.