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Okay - this is just an idea... but I am prepared to do it! How about we DROP/GIVE IT ALL FOR RON PAUL on Dec 16th... I mean dont just give big - give REALLY BIG... go all out - if he needs the money SO BADLY AS THE CAMPAIGN SAYS, I for one am prepared to give it all. Then you can sit back and say "Hey as an individual I did give my all"
Then he will have plenty of money to further his campaign.
Forget $100 dollars, people say new folks will come to the campaign, and I agree. If they dont, then we are done for. So why not give it all for Ron Paul Dec 16th.... it will be so fine....

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Tea Party Europe

Someone has to figure out the way to get all the European supporters' money too. Just standing in front of the building in Strassbourg is not going to be enough.

especially because...

Their money is worth A LOT in this country now! hahaha! (hysterical laugh, followed by tears of sadness.)

"Make fun buddy..." - Ron Paul

Uh Oh...

This guy started this crap last week about holding back donations till the 16th. For some reason on Friday nights he likes to tell people when to donate to the campaign. Have fun trying to argue with him, I rather try and reason with a stone statue.

"Make fun buddy..." - Ron Paul

You can donate whenever you want...

You can donate whenever you want. I am not *telling* you when to donate. I cannot tell you to do anything. I can only beg/plead/ and present my views as to why we need to stand together at this critical time. And yes, it is a critical time....
give whenever you can/want.... I dont care what you do because I cant control what you do... I can only plead my case.

and you certainly....

do that! :-) I admire your resilience. No worries man, the 16th is going to be awesome. Many want to be a part of history so they will be sure to be donating then as well.

"Make fun buddy..." - Ron Paul

I know Dec 16th is gonna be awesome!

I know in my heart that Dec 16th is going to be awesome. NO doubt about it, why? because the support is there! I suspect 3 times the amount of people will be AWARE OF DEC 16TH and donate on that day.
I just *know* in my heart $10 million is coming....
I merely keep this post up so that all will not be discouraged about it. So many people *are* getting discouraged with all the *lets money bomb this day*, *lets money bomb that day* and the support just isnt there to do the REALLY TRULY good it can do on Dec 16th.
Just dont want people to tap out... you promised, you should deliver on Dec 16th.

By the way, has anyone paid attention to the ronpaulgraphs.com of donors for the Dec 16th... It actually dropped after the campaign letter. I dont know if people emailed and said remove me, I am giving now, but it did take a down turn and fortunately upswinged again! YEA!!

After the editorial by Michael Morris, Dec 16th its do or *die*

After reading the editorial by Michael Morris where he quote says "we do not expect our Ron Paul to win" (modified to say Ron Paul instead of "our favorite son") and having it put up as a MAIN EDITORIAL on the Ron Paul website, I have come to believe that Dec 16th is a do or *die* situation.
I do not know what more to say, except I wish that someone was in DIRECT communication with Ron Paul and could find out *his* wishes in this matter and what he thinks of the recent editorial by Michael Morris on his website!


Instead of bickering and discussing this issue ad nauseam, why don't we give some money now and in the meantime find new people for Ron Paul's idea, who will be willing to donate too. Let's go talk to people.

A bird in Ron Paul's hand is worth two in the Bush's.

I think many of you have missed the point..

If Ron does not do well in these EARLY primaries set for January or thereabouts, he will be OUT.

What the heck good with the money do then?

If you really do have this kind of money to donate, why are you waiting for some arbitrary date that is way too late? Honestly I can't believe after the email you all got from HQ why you would continue to do this.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Why are you so *campaign* oriented... they are not gods...

Jane, why do you think the Ron Paul campaign people are *infallable*. They are mortal men who can make mortal mistakes. Just look at that Article they have up *right now* about "Ron Paul probably wont win" (or some such nonsense statement, I just read it) and tell me these people are 100% right about everything. If they are then we are lost already.
The Dec 16th Money Bomb is one of our LAST GREAT EFFORTS before the NH primaries to make incredible headlines... the press is watching... we cannot fail...

Because the Campaign is full of Professionals

It's not like the Campaign found random people and said, "Hey, by my adviser."

They found the people they like. Ultimately it's the Campaign that must decide which direction this whole thing goes. Good or bad, it's the Campaign's call -not the Peanut Gallery's.

It's not up to the Chorus to write the play.

Wow, tackeling a gorilla!

Again with the Ron Paul's campaign people are professionals. Well there are *alot* of professional people working outside of his campaign. Mr. Lyman who put up the website www.teaparty07.com is a professional. There were professional people working on the Ron Paul Ad. There are other professional people working along their own lines of expertise to promote Ron Paul.
And besides... professional people can make mistakes like anyone else. Proof is the *aftershock* email I got from the campaign saying they apologized for the wording of the letter sent out to all the supports of Ron Paul, it could have been worded less offensively (or some such way, I can post it should anyone doubt it).
So even the Ron Paul campaign admits that the email from their campaign fund raiser made a mistake in how they worded the message.
The point is.... everyone can make mistakes. I can make mistakes, You can make mistakes, even Ron Paul has changed his views on some issues... so see, even the main man can err....
Lets stand behind Dec 16th and be united. Besides would anyone of us go back on our pledge now that it has been given to donate Dec 16th. I think that in itself is a matter of honor.

So, how much do you get paid by the Campaign?

I'm just curious, since you campaign for Ron Paul professionally, how much compensation you receive for your services.

Oh, that's right, you don't.

You're confusing the term. Certainly, Ron Paul has supporters that have a profession -like web design, printing, brew making, gun smithing, auto repair, soldiering -but their support is not a profession. It's more of a hobby if they decide to spend a lot of time on it. Nothing wrong with that. In the sense they have a profession they are professionals.

When somebody tells you that the campaign is full of professionals -it means it's the type of people who do politics for a living.

When are you going to finally admit you're wrong, and nobody knows what's better for the Ron Paul campaign more than the Ron Paul campaign?

The campaign says, "Hey, we need money now -because it takes time to schedule slots and film commercials."

Your response is, "No, no, no. Let's wait 25 days before the New Hampshire primary. You don't need more commercials -you need free publicity raising money you won't be able to spend."

As far as your "honor" statement goes -well, that word is often used to defend position that goes against reason. You are saying that we should do something for the sake of position, not because it's rational or makes sense: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFTTt3xZBNU

NO, We haven't missed the point...

If Ron doesn't do well and raise 10 million on Dec.16th, he will get NEGATIVE press. The media has already spoken about the Tea Party event, Ron has acknowledged the event on TV, EVERYONE will be watching. It's too late to turn back now. We have to SUCEED ! You ask what good will the money do then? It will have an IMMEDIATE effect. We will get MILLIONS in FREE NATIONAL news (advertising) and interviews for weeks to come, positively effecting the EARLY primaries as well as SUPER TUES. Jane, we need to stay united on this. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL! Let's make history once again!
Give everything you can TEA PARTY'07 !

United We Stand... for Ron Paul Dec 16th

Thanks.... your support is greatly appreciated. All these talks about money bomb this day, money bomb that day, etc. etc.. there are only 300+ members of this board - I dont know the exact total but all these dates that keep being thrown out dont have any support.
A. The videos are out for Dec 16th
B. The media is aware of Dec 16th
C. Ron Pauls opponents are aware of Dec 16th
D. Ron Paul himself is *relying* on Dec 16th (as he said in a video I saw)
E. The Newspaper Ads are in place for Dec 16th.
F. The Ron Paul meet-up groups EVERYWHERE are aware of Dec 16th
G. We have major websites set up for Dec 16th.
H. Everyone has *pledged* that means GIVEN THEIR HONOR TO CONTRIBUTE on Dec 16th... 17,000 + and growing...

If we fail because we get divided the new media will pounce on it!
The die is cast. The gauntlet thrown down. There is *no* going back.

He may be out by then...

See what I mean? You can't buy ads 2 weeks ahead of a primary.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers


I of course don't have access to any of their data, but what if they are being overly frugal in their spending?

It resets after primaries....

I believe. I hope I'm wrong!

Maxing out soon

I will give $100 for Rudy's Reading List on the 30th and then $1500 on the 16th.

Money is the only thing that "talks" in this election. Look at the change in some MSM coverage when RP was backed by $$$ on the 5th. It's the only thing they understand. Give 'til it hurts. Give for the grandchildren you are yet to have.

Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I see a pattern again!!

Cool... My elderly mother is donating 1000.00 First president since Reagan she has helped... She will be a NEW donor.. plus 1k... and I am going to donate 300.00 my GF who has not donated in her name yet will also be donating 200.00...

So I see a pattern again where much more than the mere 100 a piece will be given... and as for NEW donors... I have 2 in my pocket!!!! and I am the only one who has PLEGED TOO!! while at least my mother could donate anytime I have asked her to do it online on December 16th.... I would add that the simple fact we were able to do the November 5th MB is what really got my mother to sit up and take notice of the fact that people were attempting to NOT JUST DONATE BUT SEND A MESSAGE BY DOING IT SIMULTANEOUSLY! which made her belive that Dr. Paul had CREDIBILITY... some people...... I KNOW!!

Does the Max reset?

Does the Maximum amount you can donate start over on January 1st, or does the 2300 apply till all primaries are over?

It doesn't recet untill after the Primery Ellection is over.

It's $2,300 for the primery, and $2,300 for the General.


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4


We need to make good on our tea party promise..Certainly there is someone smart enough in the Paul campaign to be able to get some cash if needed to get through till then..hell, even I can figure out how to do that !!

the campaign...

should just spend all it's war chest and trust that the MOTHER LODE is coming in on the 16th. And yes, we should all MAX OUT on the 16th.

Yes, bradzepfan

They should spend every nickel they have now and until the 16th and email like crazy just before the 16th to make sure it is a HUGE day. It may be a good idea for the campaign to tell us in advance as to how much they plan to spend in the first 6 states ideally which would give extra motivation for donations prior to the 16th. Yes, the answer would be "as much as possible," but their reasonable expactations would be nice to hear.

Bob W., Naples, FL

I know its my post but I am fighting to stay on.... last post

Last post of this message- it *is* my topic....
As a great supporter of free speech, I too am finding myself fighting for my right to speech on the Dailypaul. I know I get passionate sometimes, think I am right always (heh heh), dont mean to be rude (though people say I am) and trying to *soften* my passionate postings.
Okay... I dont agree with the campaign to donate now instead of Dec 16th.... I am a fervent backer of the press and media Dec 16th will provide. I *believe* Dec 16th will make a Greater Statement of support for Ron Paul then some TV ads will do.
I also believe we can win NH with the EFFECT of Dec 16th behind us. These thoughts are contrary to the opinions of the Campaign.

Ron Paul graphs themselves are NOW SHOWING a greater number of pledges to Dec 16th than was promised Nov 5th and I think everyone is going to donate LARGER QUANTITIES of money then Nov 5th. I want to *give it all for Ron Paul* in a do or die campaign drive. The drive will pick up new donors after that.

I also believe that we still have *lots* of time for this WELL PLANNED EVENT to escalate and excitement grow and donors grow until there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Dec 16th will blow away Nov 5th as there was more time to notify people, email people, bring new voters aboard etc. etc. etc... DEC 16TH WILL GO DOWN IN THE ANNALS OF HISTORY AS A GREATER HISTORIC EVENT than even Nov 5th. I fervantly believe this.

FELLOW PAULITES.... because of my views, I will probably be banned because I speak against the advice of campaign *professionals*. I say again, Ron Pauls campaign people I am sure are great nice people who believe in what they do, but can still be incorrect in their beliefs. Heck I could be wrong in my beliefs and Dec 16th will be a flop.

Its too late for Dec 16th to be a flop. Anyone can see that as the media has ALREADY PICKED UP DEC 16TH and mentioned it on TV. Ron Paul has already mentioned Dec 16th on TV. The press will be watching, the other candidates will be watching, we will be watching. I say IT CANNOT FAIL....

Please email Michael who is the owner of Daily Paul and ask him NOT TO BAN THE DEVILS.ADVOCATE... because people who support Dec 16th are not as fervent as those people Demanding monies NOW for Ron Paul. They are going to blast Michael to get rid of me!! They ARE more fervent than the supporters of Dec 16th.

Who is Michael going to listen too.... 20 emails saying BAN THE DEVILS.ADVOCATE or a number of posts he might miss that support my side of the issue. I humbly, beg/request/plead that if you support Dec 16th, that you also support the Devils.Advocate.

I am relying on you folks to keep me on the board. I will try to do better by not insulting anyone..... I love you all (even Jane) and peace.....

What a shame

I am truly saddened that someone who knows nothing about campaigning would decide to keep harping on this because it may well work to sabotage the whole campaign just for their own selfish aggrandizement.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

I Agree...

with your analysis 100%. I've already given $2100. I'm saving my last $200 for Dec.16th. If new supporters or those who haven't given much yet want to to give a LITTLE till then, fine. But Dec.16th IS the big day!I think the campaign should spend whatever they need now and have a little faith. The campaign correctly states, the money raised on Dec.16th would be too late to be used for ads in NH, but the EFFECT would be felt IMMEDIATELY, not just in NH but NATIONALLY and talked about for weeks, taking us into SUPER TUE. with millions in free coverage (advertising). Plus the 10 million raised on Dec.16 could be used on the SUPER TUE. States.


You seriously need to get over yourself and put your ego in hibernation

Nov 30th

Nov 30th is known in history as the day Britain signed and accepted that the USA was truly independent from it. Kind of links in nicely with the Boston Tea Party don't you think? I doubt that this day will exceed the 1million mark, and although it could impact the total on the 16th, as long as the 16th beats John Kerry's 5.7million, its is still going to be one for the record books. The publicity will come. But, relying on Dec 16th is puttting all eggs in one basket. Here are my concerns:

1. To hit 10 million on that day, a weekend as well, is still extremely ambitious. I raised $4000 on Nov 5th just because it was a work day so I could go around hounding people to donate. I would show them graphs and get them hyped on the idea that a revolution is going on. That is not going to happen this time around.
2. Are we likely to find another 30,000 new donors that day?
3. The flaky dollar and markets has many people worried about credit. Some still remember 21% interest rates. A dollar collapse before the 16th will dent peoples enthusiasm no end.

I still believe that the 16th will be the best fundraising day so far, and to beat online fundraising records in two consecutive months should get a ton of publicity,10 mil or not. Just to claim 10 mil over 2 days is jaw-dropping.

Also, as Trevor mentioned, Nov 30th could bring in some of the fresh donors we need for the 16th. I remember the first time I ever donated to this campaign on Nov5th. The euphoria. I have donated since then (vet-day Nov 11th and beat-the-huck 20th) and will contribute again on both the 30th and the 16th. For me its knowing that each donation has some importance by having impact beyond just raw dollars. All these dates to me could have an unforseen impact, not just the bombs. Others at work believe, only the bomb days are important. And it is in this spread of belief that the bomb days and boost days all help to keep the euphoria and momentum going. Go Trevor.