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Ron paul interview on Nevada Political Tv show.

My friend works for this guy and I dont think anyone posted this yet, this is from a couple days ago. They do have commercials but you can just fast forward once its downloaded.
Scroll down to find ron paul .
Thanks guys love you all

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Nevada Newsmakers Political TV Show

Nevada Newsmakers is a Statewide Political show. We produce four new shows per week. They are available the same afternoon on line Monday through Thursday at NevadaNewsmakers.com. In Nevada it airs on broadcast TV, Cable and Radio out of Reno and Las Vegas. The show is non partisan. The guests are the States political movers and shakers and it also features guests of national import like Presidential candidates.
Thanks to all who have come in to watch Dr Paul's interview. We welcome him back
Sam Shad Producer/Host

Wow, I'm glad you took the time to come to DP

Thanks for showing your gratitude to us on Daily Paul. I believe this is the first time this has happen. We hope that we can help broaden your base because you are a very honest source of news.

Thanks for having Ron Paul and hopefully he will be on many times in the future.


Yes like the above poster

Yes like the above poster said, thanks for having Dr. Paul on the show.
but next time its going to be as President Paul :)

Worth Watching

Ron Paul always answers the difficult questions with clarity. He is becoming more confident in his role as a major contender to the presidency. He drew 1000+ to Romneys 200 in a city settled by Mormons.


Loved Ron's position on Supreme Court Judges!!!

This was the first time "I" have heard someone ask Ron about the Judicial selection/appointment issue. GREAT ANSWER (but no surprise...lol)! It's the last question he is asked in the 30-minute interview for newbies watching, though.

As to one comment that this is good only for those "politically-minded" who watch it, I gathered from the show that this was something more "mainstream" in Nevada, just done during the mid-day, lunch hour. Maybe I'm wrong, don't know.

Regardless, thanks to Plane1978 for posting!

Can Somebody Summarize That Point?

For those of us who do not want to watch the whole 30 minutes.


Yours in Liberty,


Yours in Liberty,
Libertarian Legal Fund

I think

I watched it just before bed last night, but I think it went something like this...

Q: Would you make it a point to nominate Supreme Court Justices who would overturn Roe v Wade?

A: No. I would nominate Justices who would follow the Constitution. I think implicit in that is an understanding that a Justice following the Constitution would disagree with Roe v Wade, but disagreeing with Roe v Wade isn't enough.

Something cool I found, the Ron Paul Repository:


These type of interviews do so much to spread the message. Unfortunately, they are usually only watched by those that are already motivated to increase their political awareness. But any exposure of this nature does help.

That's cool almost 30 minutes of free air time

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

the host

The host of this interview appears to be an enthusiastic supporter of Ron Paul's campaign. I don't know if he's a Ron Paul voter, but he sure seems to appreciate Ron Paul's presence in the campaign.

It's fun to see such enthusiasm for our campaign in local press.

Thanks Mike for posting!

Thanks Mike for posting! I'm watching it right now. Great interview. I am glad to see that they mailed brochures to Nevadans. Those brochures are awesome! And, the interviewer also mentioned that there was a full-page Ron Paul ad in one of their newspapers:-)


bump for those who didn't see it.


This is a sweet one. Good post!