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No backseat Driving - Make our own Commercial

Time to stop the backseat driving. We the People need to come up with the proper 30 sec. commercial. We the People need to vote on it. And we the People need to pay to run it in the primary states at our costs!!!

At this point no one can complain. I personally believe that the campaign is doing a pretty good job. We need to understand that everyone is not like us "the faithful". WE(not necessarily the electorate) need a little bit of excitement for the doctor in television and radio. We cannot deviate from the campaign and their goals but we can mix it up for the areas to get the nomination.

Maybe we need the ads for the tea party, or the general election. I don't know but I will give $ 1000.00 to this endeavor. I will be giving another $1000.00 on the 16th. I will be maxed out by the 25th of Dec.

We need to make the effort or quit giving the campaign a pain in the butt. The Dr. is as conservative or more so than any of us but, We are the future of this country( although I am 48yrs young) and we must decide our future as the good Dr says. Stay On Message. It is about Liberty, Freedom!!

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