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Trying to get my boots on the ground in SC, suggestions?

Hey all, I'm in Asheville, NC and just found out I have the ENTIRE month of January off, due to construction.

I'm thinking of no better way to spend that time, than to get my boots on the ground in our next door South Carolina.

Does anyone have any suggestions, aside from contacting the local meet-up groups, for ways to organize people in my situation?

Thanx in advance.


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SC Boots on Ground

Go to RonPaul2008.com and go to the state section. The state headquarters in greenville, columbia and charleston have lit drop events set up and also have supplies. Give them a call. You can also do phone calls at the headquarters.
We need you here! Thanks!!!!!!


Great. Thanx. I'm also thinking of temp housing and some work while i'm down there. I assume we can work something out, but...

...and not just me, shouldn't there be a way for everyone to do something like this?

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