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Feels Like the Sixties Again

I just saw Paul Revere's video, and I had to give it a Full Blog post. It's just really good.


Paul did a fantastic job - the images, and the syncing with the Lenny Kravitz song were masterfully done. The writing was crisp and good, and it gave me something to think about: that maybe the Sixties have re-surfaced as the Ron Paul Campaign?

The Sixties were about Freedom (even Jimi sang about it) and bringing people together. Love was everywhere, just as in the Ron Paul rEVOLution banners. People of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, you name it, got together to make things better. It was a time of optimism, much like we have now. It was also a time of protest; that the government ("the man") was way too oppressive, and the war in Vietnam has been replaced by war in the Middle East. But, watching this video I felt a real jolt of deja-vu; that maybe this time we can make it stick, and get Ron Paul (a most unlikely Sixties radical) into the White House!

Well done Paul. I mean, like, Far Out !

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Great analogy!

The revolution is on the 'net this time, not in the streets. That is why they want to shut it down or at least control it. The power elite learned from their mistakes in trying to control opposition in the sixties and the ultimate result is the misnomer "Patriot Act". After this last grasp at freedom, the net will be darkened too.


that's what i'm saying... we need to appeal to those "hippie radicals" of the 60's... ask them if they remember wanting to change the world all those years ago... and now is their chance.

In many ways I agree

and I was there!


see my note about this

Come on Pipe.

This is no way like the sixties.

This is the 2000's era. This is the time when being a true American is called being unpatriotic and the collectivist state has its grip on the minds of everyday Americans.

It's the era where black people and white people are in the same boat; the boat of the individual struggling to be free.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Pipe down

You did not read what I wrote. I didn't say it was like the Sixties, I said it felt like the Sixties. Big difference.

You don't think there was a collectivist state 40 years ago? Kissinger would chuckle at your naivite.

Nobody has been free in this country for a long time, white or black. If nothing else, you can point to 1913, when the Income Tax was instituted. When that happened, we all became slaves to the Government big time.

So anyhow this is a good time to support Ron Paul. He would end a lot of the nonsense we've had for a long time.

Yes, it does feel like the sixties.

With the "flag as offensive" option representing the tear gas, batons, riot shields, and wayward bullets, that attempted to silence all those who had an opposing view point to someone's precious thought process. If Kent State would have had a "flag as offensive" option, the "dead" of silence would have resounded just as loudly.

Born in '74

so I wasn't alive yet, but my dad used to say I would have been comfortable in the 60s. In the early 90s I complained alot about the apathy of my fellow GenXers. It was amazing to me how many were comfortable within the black market systems that have grown up, and yet had no desire to work to end prohibition.

At any rate, it seems to me that the 60s was the birth of what we see happening now. There was an awakening period. Though the freedom movement was squashed, the LP was born. And in spite of prohibition becoming a full-fledged war on Americans, NORML was born, then MPP & FAMM, ASA and DRCnet, among others. Ruby Ridge & Waco led to the Patriot Movement: a rebirth of the citizen milita & American patriotism. So, the harder the government fights dissenters, the more dissent continues to grow.

........and as I mentioned to my brother last night, OUR generation is well-armed and pissed off. I think it took for enough of GenX to have kids before we really were able to contemplate the future of America. Having kids changes your world view..........

I think we are seeing a rebirth in a way, but then, it's kind of a just continuing. There are many who never quit, and some who have have rejoined. Meanwhile there are so many young people who have joined along the way. And, while the 60s was a very centralized movement, helping COINTELPRO to divide & conquer, we are very decentralized and each of us has our own pet issues and organizations. Physically & organizationally, we are divided already, yet united in the spirit of liberty. I think our chances of success are much better than they were then.

"...it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

"...it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security..."

Video is Very Nice... However...

Great video... I just wanted to make a comment about the use of the word "hate" --It seems that we now use that word often. The problem is that when we *hate* we essentially become the same with the one we "hate".

Every 100 years or so, there are around 2 or 3 individuals who "reach that threshold", but to use it in general terms is not good for the soul.

The Rich Sage

The Rich Sage

I agree somewhat

In a context of artistic expression, which the video is, I am OK with his use of it. This is similar to Lenny Bruce using words to wake people up, or to shock their sensibilities. It's a different thing, as you suggest, to use "hate" casually or in non-Artistic expressions.

Lenny HATES war..

So he'll get over it!...

I know he prby support Billary or one of the Dems... but he is a GREAT DUDE.. and I don't think we'll hear anything but wonderful comments about the video!

I think the video was great... it made me feel good and a bit nostalgic.. or really dea jea veu

good work...

It's not so much

Lenny it's his lawers, and backers.....they were ruthless over this mom for her home video....youtube had to drop the moms video from the site, which she I believe is still fighting to get back on. Lenny has stayed out of it. This might get there attention espeacialy if it supports a presedential canidate.

Maybe this will create media attention and be benifitial. But like many things that interfer with someone else's idea's it could have a blowback affect.


Lenny dosn't like his songs being used on youtube...there is aleady a lawsuit for it being used on a home video and you can barely hear it.

Sixties was about collectivism

The sixties revolutionsts were collectivists. Pro-communalism, pro-welfare state, pro-group rights. I think this is the opposite. We're rebelling against that revolution. This revolution is individualist.

RE: Sixties was about collectivism

"The sixties revolutionsts were collectivists. Pro-communalism, pro-welfare state, pro-group rights. I think this is the opposite. We're rebelling against that revolution. This revolution is individualist."

Well I guess if one completely ignores the fact that many of the revolutionary figures of that time were Rand-school libertarians, and anarcho-capitalists that later became big L Libertarians post 1972 (such as Leary, Owsley, Kesey, Robert Hunter, Garcia, John Perry Barlow, Hunter S. Thompson, Sonny Barger etc., constitutionalists such as Dr King, limited government conservatives such as Sonny Bono. One would also have to ignore the fact that generation later went on to elect Ronald Reagan in two consecutive landslides, while masterminding a boon in capitalism and technology that won the cold war. In addition to a number of other factors, one would have to completely ignore "The New Deal" programs impact on the baby boom generation, the first generation from birth to never know a day of life without "entitlement" criteria and wealth redistribution; who were barely adults when Johnson saddled them with a "War on Poverty", and a war in Vietnam.

Not quite

Yes, there were some communes, and Mao and Che were popular figures, but few really bought into it. To the college kids (who fueled the movement) the idea of collectivism was attractive, until they discoverd that farm work was hard, or that your friend really should not be sleeping with your old lady.

About the only collectivist communities that seem to work are the Kibbutz in Israel.

You're right about the pro-rights groups. But the first, early stuff, was in San Francisco, in 1961, when there were massive boycotts to support hotel workers who had unionized. Big to-do over that.

This revolution is not individualist at all. This is about saving the Republic. The Sixties never was about that - we, unfortunately, took the Republic for granted. That is why we are in the mess today.

"Crazy for the blue, red and white..." - Hair, 1966

Kibbutz in Israel

my family lives on a religious Kibbutz in Israel. It too is switching to a capitalist structure... this angers my grandfather to no end.

right on

this movement shares a lot of features of the underground Rave culture I was so deeply embedded in 5-10 years ago. The message was "peace love unity respect", the organization was internet based, and there was a universally shared sentiment of "fuck giuliani."

now that is nostalgic

My first experiment in organizing online was through the early-mid 90s rave scene. That was also the last time I drove all over the state to party, hang out and do stuff with people I never met before in person. I tell you, except for a couple pilgrimages to San Francisco (which is a special, lovable little bubble -- a disney world of techno-futurism, funky decadence and eastern spirituality) in recent years, I haven't felt like celebrating wholeheartedly in quite a while. I wonder if I will ever be as free spirited again. Maybe when Ron wins... except, I know that that will mean the real work will have only just begun.