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[Article] A Revealing Rally

From: Taki's Top Drawer
Posted by Paul Gottfried on November 19, 2007


A Revealing Rally
On Saturday November 10, on a visit to my wife’s friends in South Philadelphia (near the turf immortalized by Rocky), I attended a Ron Paul rally at Independence Mall. By the time the hurried candidate arrived at the scene, at 1:45 PM, the mulling crowds already numbered in the thousands (perhaps tens of thousands); and those who showed up were jumping up and down with Ron Paul signs while chanting the candidate’s name. The attendees were indeed a motley lot. Within about half a square mile I ran into such varied types as a visiting German priest who assured me that we were living in the end times, scads of self-described veterans who expressed anger at the Iraqi war of choice, working class blacks sporting Ron Paul paraphernalia, and immaculately dressed professionals who identified themselves as “paleos.” I had never before encountered such a hodge-podge of humanity packed into so small a space in order to shout their support for a presidential candidate. Despite the media efforts to depict Dr. Paul as a rightwing kook or as an aging anarchist going nowhere, it dawned on me as I was standing there that this candidate is gaining momentum in all sorts of unexpected quarters. In any case he has far more traction than his high-placed adversaries may wish to believe.

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Sounds good!

Thanks for the post.

It was a nice blog post!

It amazes me how many people are just now finding out about Dr. Paul and his message. The more people who find out about him, the more agree with the message. It's viral.