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Nashville fema camp

I just got back from the location given a few days ago , by a poster giving Google earth locations. This is nothing more than a office building strip mall , Kirklands, Comcast ect. I checked for easy access for off loading ,not there ability to house , confinement ability nothing . Beware of printing things that cannot be proven, it will tarnish everything . I have no doubt such facilities exist . As a matter of fact my job makes me drive all over the city I have seen compounds like people talk about. Barbed wire turned inward , Gaurd towers with 0 cars in the parking lot but they are hidden in plain site in neighborhoods.

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for reporting.


April 05, 2009

The Cincinnati location which is actually, Northern Kentucky.

Drove over the Ohio River today, Hwy. 75 south.

Looking to the west is about the area that was listed on the FEMA Camp locations. No, I wasn't in the exact spot but the view is clear through that area.

Looks as if a road has been built, smack-dab on the bank of the river, very near where someone claimed it is located.

Without lookin', I'd say, very unlikely that "anything whatsoever is between that road and the river. for quite a distance.

I passed a really scary looking place yesterday

And then found out it was the Naval Surface War Center. You should see the size of that joint.

Good Report

Appreciate the effort!