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A peaceful and prolonged siege of DC may be the only thing left to save this country!

Folks, the reality is - our republic is being held hostage inside the DC bubble. Through massive bribery, financial terrorists are now firmly in charge.

Indeed, desperate times do require drastic actions. A citizens Siege of DC could become a major event and turning point in history.

If a "once free" country such as ours can not stop this financial tyranny, the rest of the world has little hope. A peaceful and prolonged citizens siege of DC may be the only thing left to save this country!

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I think that's what you call "Lobbying"

Instead of using money and time, you use big numbers and time, but it's the same thing: lobbying.


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for others...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Just bring your tents and we

Just bring your tents and we can build a Tent City on the Capital Lawn...Nobama says we must depend on the Guberment... I can't think of a better way then to build Tent City right in the middle of DC. We were talking about this very thing at the CFL Conference (after a few drinks of course)

My original thought was, what if everyone who has been forclosed on moved to DC and set up a Tent city on the Capital Lawn for starters...
This could be the prolonged presence we would need...

It is not a bad idea, but may be an impossible one

At this point, just getting the money to drive to DC would mean letting my home go into foreclosure.
I guess I am the only poor patriot on the DP, but I know locally many of the RP supporters are out of work, some have already lost their home, and we simply cannot get to DC.
I presume all of you who are doing well financially are running a business. Can you afford to shut down to stage a prolonged protest? I have my doubts.
Nationwide (worldwide would be even better) day of strike is something we could probably do, but no one seems willing to do that even.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I am in the same Boat as Paul4Won


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

No Offense Paul4won

this is not directed to you personally - but it is the catalyst for this thought.....
Thinking logically about the cost of this kind of act is exactly why we may
never see this happen .... not enough are ready to make sacrifices - this
is exactly what Obama and his government and the media are banking on.
Americans being too soft - never getting out of their comfort zones....
Let's think for a moment - did the thousands upon thousands who marched in DC and other states for civil rights in the 60's ... think about cost involved .... it was sheer sacrifice - what they wanted to acheive meant more to them than anything else.

(are we there yet) Can we revisit that spirit ? Are we turning again ?

It is up to all Americans (all political parties - all ages - all races)
to stand up against the globalist agenda .....

It is not thinking about the cost, it is filling up the gas tank

No amount of desire puts fuel in my tank, and DC is a couple thousand miles from here.

I already "sacrificed" to get to the RNC. Totally maxed out a credit card to pull off that little act of faith, and will be paying for it probably until I die. I don't have another card to run up, I don't have any savings left, and we are already playing the "what bill do we skip this month" game.

I really must be the only broke person here. I get very tired of people who think I can "dig deeper" or find a "willingness to sacrifice." Can you folks not even comprehend "I have no money" as a reality?

There was a LOT of noise about "Just become a delegate, don't worry about money, we will help" BEFORE I committed to being a delegate. When I became a delegate and started looking for people to help, TWO people stepped up. (and both are dp friends - thanks so much to eor4ron and hawkiye - I will never forget your support!!) So, we went asshole deep in debt to honor our commitment. Now I get to endure lectures from "liberty lovers" about how I should not be in debt, too. That is a different rant, though.

Please try to comprehend: People are going BROKE. Really, really broke. Three days ago, I thought we were finally getting on our feet again. Yesterday, the people renting the house I can't sell gave notice, and part of that notice was "and we can't pay rent again this month."

Any of you folks rolling in cash want to move to Idaho?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Good question and point!

Look up some of the photos of the Vietnam war protests in the 60's, it will give you a much better idea.

don't need photos, got the memories

I was just a little kid, but I had my POW / MIA bracelet and remember sitting there watching the names roll by on the TV. First the new draftees, then the dead soldiers they were replacing.
I remember Jane Fonda and marvel at how much people still hate her.
I remember when we all sat with my brother, I think they called it "1-A," waiting to see if he was getting drafted.
None of it alters the reality that I have absolutely no way to get to DC other than walk, and I have serious doubts about my ability to walk 2 thousand miles.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

It would have to be a ground swell!

I understand what you are saying, however with over 3 million people in the US, it wouldn't take but 1%.