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3 police killed during a standoff in Pittsburgh - update

Here is the UPI Story


Local news is saying that the guy had an AK-47, A Long Rifle, and a Pistol.

Police were called as part of a domestic dispute, though some are saying that they were also going to issue a warrant.

Someone else claimed he was a gun rights activist.

Details are still sketchy

Update - The police have had a news conference, and cleared up a few things. First, The shooter was waiting for the police, and shot them as they knocked on the door. Not clear which gun he used, but any would have worked. The third Officer was coming to their aid when he was shot. Swat arrived later, and it was then he apparently held them at bay with his AK.

Also, the police apparently knew something about the guns prior to going to the house, since it was part of the subject of the call. He had apparently been out Drinking friday night late, and got into a fight with his mother. She apparently told police something about the guns he had, though it is not clear exactly what.

The police have not mentioned anything about his profile, other than they had been called to the house before. The press on the other hand is going wild with it . This is big in Pittsburgh, since there has not been an officer killed since 1995, and 1983 before that.

My speculation is that he and his mom were fighting, since he was still a little drunk from the night before. She called the police, and told them he was threatening with guns, or maybe told them he had illegal guns, whci set him off, and convinced him he had to defend his rights - he apparently told a friend he was going to die today.

This is all a shame for many reasons.

Update II - IT WAS DOG PISS. Here is the latest explanation. http://news.google.com/news?um=1&ned=us&hl=en&q=dog++poplawski

This is unbelievable.

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someone shoots and kills 3

someone shoots and kills 3 cops and you think he is a patriot and you call me a troll?

Do you not know any police officers? Do you not have any family members as officers? Do you seriously believe every cop in this country is corrupt and evil?

3 people are DEAD.


Wouldn't they be? Every single cop takes a oath to to do his job, anyone signing up for the job, KNOW there will be extortion monies to be collected. They know they will use means of entrapment to generate revenue for the state. All cops like power, with power comes a price. All cops work against freedom for the means of generating revenue for the elitists.

I did not call the man in the story anything

Yes, I know a couple cops quite well, including the ex-brother in law who used to go pick up his 15 year old girl friend for a midnight BJ while he was patrolling.

No, not EVERY cop is corrupt, but damn near every one. Still, I did not, and am not, praising anyone. I merely noted that the person jumping to the defense of the police (and YOU do not know the full story either) had been here for less than a day. And even at that, I allowed as how you might be a reincarnation.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The person I responded to

The person I responded to call him a patriot.

All I did was say to wait until all the details were present before he started backing a cop killer. I wasn't defending the police, simply leaving judgement open.

I feel like some of the people on this site don't get out and away from DP enough and are starting to have issues with reality. I know 99.99% of the people here are good people and I don't want any of their reputations tarnished.

You are being inaccurate and reactionary

The other reply said
"sounds like a patriot so far"
The "so far" clearly indicating they are with holding final judgement.
Do you understand who it is that will knock down your door and demand you turn over your weapons, lie still on the floor, will threaten your family? I agree, some folks are having trouble dealing with reality. I hope you get a grip on how big a threat the police force has become.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

I agree

it's more and more obvious every day!

I sometimes listen to the evening news just to get their spin on the truth - and they only bring the things up when they require "brainwashing & propaganda".

They gushed over this new "pill" which contains statens, two kinds of meds for high blood pressure, and aspirin. Sounds like a genocidal cocktail to me!

Then the next day, Natural News presented the facts. Slightly tested on some poor people in India and are luck more of them didn't die.

"Big Pharma's latest concoction: A Frankenceutical "PolyPill" combining five drugs..."

What's Big Pharma's latest insanity? A new chemical cocktail pill that combines five different drugs into one! Tested on citizens of India, in a clinical trial funded by the drug company that makes the concoction, this new "PolyPill" is being heralded by the mainstream media as some sort of miracle drug.

It is a miracle, in some sense: It's a miracle more people weren't harmed by the clinical trials!"

Read full report on this issue here: http://www.naturalnews.com/025963.html