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Help needed at Huffington Post

There are two articles currently up about Ron Paul at www.huffingtonpost.com.

The first one involves a video of Dennis Kucinich's wife talking about how her husband would certainly seriously consider a VP position with Dr Paul. Now I know that many here do not agree with such a "preposterous" idea but consider the aduience, and if you wish to help defend Ron Paul's position against certain DISINFO agents like Misanthrope2 please help. Misanthrope2 is so obviously a paid plant by one of the candidates to derail any attempts to garner support from democrats and independents by placing comments out of context and with no explanation of Ron Paul's constitutional basis for their meaning. And he is well prepared with the damaging comments from 1992 about blacks, and interviews with pro-life pro-catholic magazine. Please don't just spam it with rude or far right conservative comments, their is a captive audience there that believes strongly in Kucinuch, and are nearly all anti-war.


Second post is about Ron Paul's success at fundraising so far this quarter.


It talks about an interview today on Bloomberg. Anybody got a video link to this?

Please join the fray.

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