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First Read - First Positve MSM Article on Ron Paul

Wolfe sends along the following: We have been promoted from spammers to grass roots activists, and Ron Paul has been promoted to Dark Horse in this honest portrayal of us and him! Please post this. Thanks.

This is from MSNBC's First read:

As First Read noted last week, GOP dark horse candidate Ron Paul now has more cash on hand than once-supposed frontrunner John McCain. While the Texas congressman hasn’t held nearly as financially demanding nationwide schedule as McCain, he has developed a grassroots following that aids in spreading name recognition and raising money. We, at the NBC Political Unit, were interested in Paul’s grassroot support -- which has been dubbed “The Ron Paul Revolution” -- and decided to attend an organizational meeting/pizza party here in Washington to see how the group operates.

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We can't expect to become the media darling overnight. The fact is that this was the first time that we were portrayed in the MSM as anything but spammers, whacko's and any number of other negative labels applied to us. This was the first time that MSM referred Ron Paul as a "dark horse".

They portrayed us in a relatively honest, positive light. They chose the quote regarding knowledge of Ghouliani causing a fall off from him, and knowledge of Ron Paul causing a surge, to be printed.

They did allude to our numbers, etc. Even their statement about our massive online support needing to be translated to "boots on the ground" was honest without much prejudice.

If you really think that this was in any way negative, I would remind you to re-read the NYT piece.... :) We can either complain that it wasn't a full on 100% endorsement, or be happy that the piece was relatively honest.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


He moved from long-shot to dark horse. Thats something.


Sorry for being pessimist, but being labelled as one of "20-something college students and young professionals" isn't really that positive.

once again our numbers are downplayed. Every day I hear of people who say "well, I'll vote for someone who has a chance, even if it's a lesser of two evils". The perception that we are few is BAD.

Positive. (Not Positve.)

Ugly typo in the headline.

I'm sure the writer meant "twentysomething" as part of an awkward and redundant expression that he saw the active support for Ron Paul as coming from the young.

I would agree that that's still a limiting perception.

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