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Attention: TWIC - A Backdoor to the Real ID

From Downsize DC:

Lowell Rogers has been an engineer on a brownwater tugboat for 23 years. He loves his work, and his employer likes the way Lowell does his job. But starting April 2009, thanks to the Maritime Safety Act, Lowell's employer will have to assume he's a potential terrorist, unless he has a Transportation Worker Identification Credential -- a TWIC card.

The TWIC card will require a criminal background check, and will include Smart Card biometric identifiers. It will place sensitive information about Lowell into a centralized government database. Lowell, as an act of patriotism, will refuse to take what he calls "the Mark of the Beast," and his 23-year career will come to an end. Here's why this matters to you . . .


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William Crawford,Says about

William Crawford,Says about the TWIC Requierment for Public and Private Harbors.In Kailua,Kona Hawaii.Honokohau Harbor is a Public Harbor with 2 Sundry Stores,2 Gas Stations,2 Haul Out Yards,2 Launch Ramps(5000 Traler Boats use)and Flow Through Traffic.Homeless Live in the Harbor area and Drug Dealers use the Payphones but the Licenced Captains with Million Dollar Insurance on U.S.C.G.Documented Vessels need TWIC Cards??In Honokohau Harbor theres No Gate No Guard and and Nowhere to Show the TWIC Card?200 Licenced Captains received there TWIC Cards in November and NOT ONE has been used,as a matter of Fact when Boarded in March by a U.S.C.G.Uniformed Officer He Laughed and told us to put the TWIC away and Show our Hawaiian Drivers Licence.The Harbor Deli and the Sea Store open at 5:30am and Close at 6:30pm and sell Gas,Breakfast Snacks,Ice,Lunches and Beer not only to the Sportfishing boats,Dive boats,Snorkel boats and Whale watch boats but to the General Public that come through all day long but the Licenced Captains Need the TWIC Cards?? Does this make sence to anyone??Also in Honokohau Harbor theres a Bare Boat Rental where Anyone with $300.oo or a Credit Card can Rent a 20ft boat and go Anywhere they want but the Licenced Captains(37 years) need the TWIC Cards??S-3377 was a Bill to Eliminate Small Boats and Harbors but it got lost in the 2009,111 Congressenal Session? Captains Please Help Stop the Madness and Keep Writing Your Senators.Thank You Captain Bill Crawford "Chiripa Sportfishing" Kona,Hawaii.........

William Crawford,Says about the TWIC Requierment for Public and Private Harbors.In Kailua,Kona Hawaii.Honokohau Harbor is a Public Harbor with 2 Sundry Stores,2 Gas Stations,2 Haul Out Yards,2 Launch Ramps(5000 Traler Boats use)Flow Through Traffic.Homele

I gotta get one...

I go out to oil rigs 6-8 times a year as a paleontologist, and will be required to have a TWIT card. Not only does it cost over $130, you have to go to a participating Coast Guard station (100 mi for me) to get finger printed and photographed, then go back IN PERSON to pick up your card in a few weeks after they've processed it.

With 4 children to feed and educate, I'll probably bend over and take it.

Fossils Rock!

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative

Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative AKA North American Union
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yeah, isn't that just lovely.


It is not what you think if!

Freedom is not FREE!!

You protect yourself.

I am not going to go further into this. I am going to write Michael and tell him what I have done. Hopefully each of you will listen and do what you must do for yourselves. I would like more info on biometrics and what that entails. I do know that the TWIC card has RFID chips embeded in them. Found them today. Creates a bright light and a loud pop.

Peace to you and protect yourselves. Love you all but you must protect yourselves within their program as it stands at this time.

Peace and Freedom is not free!

Freedom is not FREE!!

This is interesting....

Disqualifying offenses which render you ineligible permanently for
a TWIC card include a conviction for :

    Sedition, or conspiracy to commit sedition.

among others.....seriously?!?!


Our founding fathers were seditionists.

Here's the rest:


The card costs $132.50

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

As someone who is also in

As someone who is also in the Maritime Industry I all ready have a TWIC card. It's pretty much pointless - you all ready have to have a MMD (Merchant Mariner's Document, another ID card just about exactly the same as the TWIC) for anything over 100 gross tons, plus a passport if you sail internationally. The only thing new about the TWIC card is that it applies to everyone wanting to enter a US port - truck drivers, tug boat operators, port workers, sailers, etc - and it has an RFID chip. However, they don't even have the technology or the infrastructure set up right now to even read or track the chips! But they will one day. Currently however, its just one more loop, one more inconvenience, one more slow down regulation being heaped upon the maritime industry.

On April 15 all US ports will require a TWIC for entry, so this thread is a little late since that's just in 5 days. I suppose the idea behind it is to further secure US ports but people without a TWIC card can still get access onto the port in two ways:
1) An escort. If you don't have a TWIC card, find someone who does that will escort you onto the port and as long as you look the part, I doubt you'll be questioned.
2) Brinks security guards were able to come into port by just a phone call to the guard shack from the captain.

Plus, if a terrorist really wanted to screw up a port they could drive a boat into the harbor or run the gate - which is more often than not open to allow the trucks to pass through. Additionally, we don't know what's in the box - though they do have some very interesting and exciting technology that when trucks drive through this set up it scans the truck and the container for any explosives or the like.

That kind of thing I like, but the TWIC... I just don't see the point in adding another form of ID. I now have 7 forms of identification. Is that really necessary?

Washington state

has been pushing people to get
the enhanced drivers license
with an RFID chip in it.It is an alternative to a passport for
re-entry into the US from Canada.

I live in WA...

You can bet I won't go for this.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

HA! And Obama refuses to release his records?

Our usurper President continues to resist demands for the release of his long form birth certificate (doesn't have one because he wasn't born in Hawaii?), passport records (last year, state department office for passports was hacked by a security firm controlled by one of his campaign staff members to "cauterize" sensitive information regarding his records?), school records from Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, U.S. school records (registered as a foreign student?), law school records (did he lie in response to the aka clause?), all Kenyan and Indonesian records are sealed, etc. etc.

Who is this guy? The states need to step up and resolve this matter which, if properly executed, will extend to the congress, the courts and the bureaucrats.


good point.
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