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--Just For Fun-- Anyone have any favorite recipes? (from simple to complex .. have at it!)

Since there is a wide range of people here from single college people..to married couples ... to bachelor's/bachelorette's ... etc..
I Figured there must be some gourmet cooks in the DP crowd... (or not) Please feel free to post your most lavish recipe...as well as some nice simple recipes..for those of us who burn our cheerios! :)

(And no.. this post has nothing to do with the Militia, 2nd amendment, the Ursurper in "office", or any other relevant topic..)


BREAKFAST--LUNCH--DINNER--SNACK--or-- DESERT!!! (pick one or all...)


Please post your favorite SURVIVAL FOOD/RECIPES ... This would be foods/recipes that can be made simply on the run, or over a fire/canned heat, or maybe even with out cooking?

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Great Homemade Ranch Dressing Mix Recipe--No MSG or Junk

My girlfriend started making this, and it's great! I can't have msg, it gives me bad headaches and hives, but I love ranch dressing and this tastes even better than the poisonous kind.


really easy, healthy snack!

Trying to get more KALE into your diet?

Take a head of washed Kale, strip the leaves from the stems and tear into "chip" size pieces. Drizzle a little olive oil, toss, and season with salt and whatever else you like. (cayenne is one of my favorites)

spread these on cookie sheets and toast in a low oven.
(or use a dehydrator if you have one available.) The time will depend on your temperature; you just want to keep an eye on them and take them out before they burn.

I like to dust them with nutritional yeast before serving.


Totally healthy, no cook fudge

from recipe on allrecipes.com
1 cup room temperature coconut oil - it needs to be liquid.
1 cup cacao powder
1/2 cup raw honey

Blend them together and refrigerate until hardened. Cut and eat fast because it melts fast.

Now, I found the above recipe just a little too oily, so I sacrificed some "healthy" for the cause of better chocolate...
I use 1 cup of confectioners sugar instead of the 1/2 cup honey, and the texture is much more appealing.

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Silver Cloud

1 oz amaretto almond liqueur
1 oz Kahlua
4 oz milk
1 1/2 oz whipped cream

Mix amaretto, kahlua, and milk together. Fill with ice cubes and top with whipped cream.

Damn good for those hot summer days!

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Pineapple Kale Smoothie

1 banana,
Handful or 2 kale leaves (juice it 1st if you have a juicer)
1 cup pineapple,
1 cup mango, frozen
3 ice cubes
1 pure water
½ cup almond milk
Little bit of arugula
Blend it all together

Really depends on what you are looking for

I personally like this one for 30-06:

REM 760
46.5 grs varget
rp brass
fed 215 primer
hornady 150 sp
2670 fps
.5 group @ 100 yards

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nice sounding recipe
direct and to the point also ;)

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Fresh Tomato Sauce

When you survival garden produces an abundance of tomatoes you can make fresh tomato sauce.

Heat up olive oil.
Add onions/peppers/garlic according to taste.
Add chopped tomatoes - mash 'em up.
Add grated cheese if you like. Then cook it down until with lquid almost disappears.

You end up with a light sauce good for putting on baked chicken,fish etc.


a great winter tip

End of the season, when tomatoes are running you out of your home and you are sick to death of canning... Throw them in the freezer whole. When you want fresh marina, throw the olive oil in a dutch oven and put it in the oven at about 225 for an hour or so. A lot of juice will ooze out as they thaw, pour that off. Then toss in your onion, garlic, spices, etc. and let it slow roast a couple more hours. When the skins on the tomatoes split, you can slide them right off, then mash the whole mess thoroughly and let it simmer to desired thickness. If you don't mind skins in your sauce, just mash them in.

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Authentic Indian Chai Tea


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Healthy salad dressing

Organic cold pressed olive oil;
Flax seed oil;
Apple cider vinegar;
Garlic powder (or fresh), salt, pepper, oregano

Whisk together and pour over salad.

Measurements to taste.


tried to reply but it made a new post

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Master Tonic, cure all and fabulous condiment

I am so excited about finding out about the Master Tonic. Basically it is fresh ginger, garlic, horseradish, hottest peppers, and hot white onions in raw apple cider vinegar. You let it steep for at least two weeks and then take the tonic (liquid part) at the first sign of illness and it will knock out or lessen most colds or flu and also strengthen your immune system. But I use the solids to make all kinds of things, like deviled eggs, beef jerky, kale chips, add to bone broth, salad dressings... It is awesome and great to have on hand. Here is how I make it. To your health! :)


We call that same thing... "Plague Tonic"

My son liked the liquid - we'd give it to him one drop at a time. He called it "Hot Numm" when he was 3.

Another thing you can do with the solids is dehydrate it, then crush it and put it in an empty spice shaker bottle and use it as sprinkled seasoning. This we call "Fire Dust"

DO NOT get this stuff in your eyes !!

Love it!

Thanks for the dehydrating idea.

Buy a pasta making attachment

for your mixer and make your own pasta.


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Oat pancakes

I want to get off wheat, but do not know how to eat breakfast without bread... lol! I've been making these every day for over a week now, and still think they are pretty tasty. I'll do my best to make this look like a real recipe, but understand that no measuring devices are actually employed in my preparation... feel free to ad lib.
1/4 cup instant oatmeal
1/4 oat flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
mix a bit, add
1/2 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon honey
1 egg
1/4 cup milk
(add milk or oat flour to get it to "pancake" consistency)
Mix until well blended, cook on medium and let the top get good and bubbly before flipping.
If you do not serve this with real butter and maple syrup, you do not know how to eat a pancake. ;)

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are you getting off just wheat,

or do you want to get off gluten?

Gluten-free oats are available, but they are much more expensive than regular oats, (which are not GF because oats contain gluten, but because they are grown, harvested, transported, and stored with wheat so much they almost always are cross-contaminated.)

Another great substitute for grains in baked goods is almond flour, assuming you can tolerate tree nuts.!

I have many ideas for grain free breakfast that I will be happy to share!


Just wheat.

I don't seem to have much issue with the grains, but I read an article that explained how wheat hybridization has been aimed at fattening livestock, and then fed to us... Decided to try to stop eating it.

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You all should be using Stevia

You should try to replace sugar with stevia in just about any recipe.

Stevia is amazing. It comes from a flower, is 100x sweeter than sugar and contains no sucrose meaning it isn't bad for your teeth and doesn't create plaque like sugar does. Plus, almost everyone in this country eats WAY too much sugar and Stevia is a good way to help balance that.

Stevia was commercialized in 1970 by a Japanese company. As it started to catch on over the next couple decades and imports began to rise, it was made illegal by our benevolent government after "an anonymous industry complaint" in 1991 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia#Controversy).
God forbid someone compete with the powerful sugar lobby and the likes of coke and pepsi.

Here are some things I use it for:
- add a couple drops to your coffee.
- add several drops to some to fresh squeezed lemon juice and water to make a delicious and super healthy lemonade.
- Works great with naturally sweet baked goods like apple pie, banana bread, etc.

You can get the liquid stevia extract at whole foods or similar if they dont carry it at your local supermarket. The powder stevia seems to be more common, but contains filler, and in the case of truvia and purevia it is absolute garbage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJjjtlEvi04). I recommend 'stevia in the raw' for a powdered version.

To this day pure stevia cannot be sold as a sweetener in the U.S. where more than 1 in 8 will get diabetes. In other countries, it is widely used and even as a TREATMENT for diabetes. You will however find it sold as a 'dietary suppliment'. They just arent allowed to call it a sweetner in its pure form from what I understand.

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Will it react chemically like sugar?

I actually bought stevia, but don't know how to use it. If I want to make bread (less likely now than when I bought it, I am giving up wheat) will the yeast rise with just stevia? In baking, will cookies and such have that bitter aftertaste?
For those interested, I put a stevia plant in my aquaponics system and it went berserk. I think you could grow all you needed, which leads me to my next question...
Any idea how to use it in its natural form, or how to refine it to a usable form?
I realize I am being lazy, I could go google that stuff, but I'd rather hear personal experience if it is available.

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Lemon and lime ade

Juice 3 large Costco-sized lemons and two large Costco-sized limes (I like mine fairly strong). Add water to make 1/2 gallon. Add 1 1/2 tsp stevia powder (not the pure stevia, but the kind with maltodextrin added). I don't detect a stevia taste using it this way.

The reason I use the stevia blend is because it's too hard to get the amount of stevia just right with the pure stevia.

dried mine

I dried some bunches -They retained sweetness.


takes some trial and error

It doesn't really behave the same way and leavening is the primary issue. This is why I make baked goods that contain foods with natural fructose like banana bread or carrot cake for example. You will still be reducing the amount of sugar drastically with no noticeable difference in sweetness when you get it right. Also the fructose cuts the slight aftertaste you can get by using nothing but stevia.

Since 1 cup of pure sugar = 1 teaspoon of liquid stevia, you need to make up the volume. One way you can do this is add the leftover apple fiber after juicing apples (or other fruits/veggies for that matter). It provides some liquid to evaporate while baking and also makes up the difference in volume. Some say to add some yogurt (1/3 cup for each 1 cup of sugar you're replacing, this is in addition to the added stevia). I've also heard people using canned pumpkin, or applesauce. Really any bulky food containing some extra liquid that matches the flavor you're looking for. The right amount should be between 1/4 - 1/2 cup per every 1 cup sugar replaced.

Also don't bake with stevia at higher than 400 degrees - it changes the chemical composition and you wont like the results.

Also the sweetness can vary by brand. They say stevia can be between 40 and 300 times sweeter than sugar - quite a variance.

Things that don't require much 'puff' work flawlessly (Think Peanut butter cookies).

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Healthy & Delicious Coconut Sweet Potato Fries

My latest creation - much healthier than you think:

- Cut up your sweet potato into strips
- Soak them in water for a bit (this will help to repel oil when fried, and it steams them from the inside making them soft inside and crunchy outside)
- Fry them up on high heat with coconut oil (vegtable oil is terrible for you - I've stopped using it all together)
- Sprinkle some ground stevia on them for sweetness. (I've also stopped using sugar completely. Do not use truvia or purevia they are garbage owned by pepsi and coke and do not really stevia except for 1% or so. I used 'stevia in the raw')
- Place on a paper towel when done and dab dry
- Sprinkle some shredded coconut (some peices will absorb the excess oil and fall off making just a tiny bit better for you once again)

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I thought heating coconut oil or olive oil

(both are very good for you) above 350 degress is a BIG No, No. Then again, I only use the extra virgin types, for better health.

Thanks for the tip about soaking potatoes in water before frying to make them soft inside and cripsy outside. Can this be done baking, by coating the "fries" in oil instead of deep frying?

You have to be careful about stevia, too. I can't remember the reason but, I don't use it anymore and try to use organic sugar instead. You have to read labels carefully when buying stevia (and most other things these days). I believe that what nature provides (unaltered by GMOs) is better in every way, including real (organic) sugar.

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I haven't heard about the bad

I haven't heard about the bad side of heating coconut oil. From the wikipedia article: "Coconut oil is very heat-stable, which makes it suited to methods of cooking at high temperatures like frying."

You are probably referring to the 'smoke point' which is 350 degrees for unrefined coconut oil, but refined coconut oil has a smoke point of 450. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_point

Looks like refined avacado oil may be the best with a smoke point of 520

I agree about being careful about stevia because most of it isn't actually stevia (especially truvia and purvia). If you get pure organic stevia leaf powder its hard to get closer to nature than that imho. The problem with sugar is it is not abundant in nature in the quantities we consume and it is in EVERYTHING in one form or another. Refined wheat products have the bran and germ removed causing it to instantly break down into sugar once ingested and it also triggers a fat storage hormone. Very bad stuff. Knowing sugar is unavoidable I try to remove it from my diet as often as possible to balance things out.

There was a study in 1985 showing stevia to be a mutagen in tested rats, but this has been widely criticized saying that even water would have been considered a mutagen under the test conditions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevia#Health_and_safety

I have not tried baking them but I'm sure you could make it work! Good idea

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The jar I have on hand right now (Spectrum brand) says

it's refined, organic, (not extra virgin) for medium high heat up to 365 degrees. Maybe it depends on the brand and how it's made?

Interesting about the refined wheat products having the bran and germ removed. I've heard the whole wheat pasta helps keep sugar levels down, compared to regular pasta. I tried it once and didn't like the taste. But, if it is true, I will start using it, regardless, since my husband loves pasta and is diabetic. Even a half a cup of the stuff sends his blood glucose levels through the roof, despite large amounts of protein served with it.

Thanks for the info, WildSatchmo. Appreciate it.

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Recipe for Disaster

- a pinch of lies
- a dash of corruption
- a cup of turmoil
- a tsp. of denial
- a pint of propaganda

whip it all into a frenzy, and there you have it: Disaster!

For an "ala mode" version

sprinkle with FRNs as fast as you can print them.

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