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Did anyone catch Naomi Wolf's interview on The Alex Jones Show today?

Was it any good? Did she explain why she has been so silent since her candidate got into power?

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I Waited

never heard - but did hear AJ saying earlier that he was really going to ask her whats the deal with supporting Obama and to tell what she thinks
of his "presidency"

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In the earlier thread, a listener

said she had called in on a cell, and the connection was poor so AJ didn't interview her at that time.

So, the interview didn't happen?

That's weird. I hope Alex reschedules it. I want to see what Naomi has to say about her partisan silence.

Well it happened

for about 10 mins, then her cell phone started working crappily. So reed3, the info you posted above is more or less correct.

Alex said he was going to have the interview rescheduled.