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Can anyone help me find a particular video?

There was a post here a while back of a Google video about the "financial crisis" and how it came to fruition.

It was a younger man with drawing on a large note pad a large circle and explaining the different "levels" of money. It was over an hour if I remember correctly. I usually download all relevant videos posted here, but I seem to have missed this one, and now I need it.

I HAVE searched both the DP and Google video, and because I can only remember the content and not the title, I can't find it.

If you have any idea what I'm talking about and know even the name of this video, I would appreciate any information.

Thanks in advance...

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Got it from Google video

I hope you found it by now....I have no link, but I got it from Google video.

Try, "The Gig is Up" and/or ...

'The Gig is Up: Money, the Federal Reserve and You" has a guy standing at a podium w/a movie screen behind him. He does an excellent job of teaching anybody who listens in simple interesting terms how the FED works: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=THE+GIG+IS+UP&emb=0&aq=f#, or,

"An Overview of Our World." has a guy sitting at a table explaining the FED and history. It's a newer video and its quite good: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=572316141482410895&e...

I hope this helps.


Thanks yogamam. That's the one!

I really appreciate it. I could NOT for the life of me remember the name of that vid.


Mises Institute and Lew Rockwell sites
will keep my eyes out for it ....

try looking here........


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Thanks Sentinel

It's not there, but that site has some good links on it. I appreciate it.

do you remember the name of it ? The page I offered has more

if you check the expanded list.

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Holy Moly

That is a lot of videos. Thanks for that link man :-)


That is a LOT of video links on one page. I can't wait to go through some of those. I've seen a lot of them, but there are some there that I have not heard of. I guess I know what I'm doing the next few late nights.

I can't remember the name of the dog-gone thing, but I would recognize it if I saw it, and it wasn't in that HUGE list of videos, but thanks for sending me to the other section of that site. I had only seen the few the display on the homepage.