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Bowling Green Tea Party w/Rand Paul

There is a high quality video on WBKO's site that has a small interview with Rand.

There is also a low quality youtube link here:

Here is the story from WBKO:

As the tax deadline draws near, many in Bowling Green are using the day to take a stand against the government.

Daniel Kemp tells us how an historic protest is inspiring a nationwide event.

In the 18th century, citizens upset about tax policies of Parliament staged a protest, sparking the American Revolution.

On Wednesday, a nationwide Tax Day Tea Party will be underway and those here at home will be voicing their concerns down at Fountain Square Park.

Greg Jent is fed up with the way government officials are spending money.

"It's basically a rally saying we're kind of at our limits with federal spending, and bad decision making," explained Greg Jent, an organizer of the Bowling Green Tea Party. "We keep borrowing more money and going further in debt as a nation and we can't pay it back in our generation, so we kind of have to set a time limit of when this is going to end, where we can't be borrowing."

So he's helped organize a tea-party, a protest to let anyone take a stand.

"Everyone who pays taxes should be involved, everyone who has to pay for this debt should be interested," Jent said.

"All the bailouts. That's the main issue I have," explained Cori Travis, a student at Western Kentucky University.

Travis will be at Fountain Square, with friends in tow.

She wants government officials held responsible for what she calls "wasteful spending."

She wants them to answer to the people.

"We work really hard for the money we have, and we shouldn't be throwing it away for companies who are failing," Travis said.

"The deficit is an enormous problem in Washington, and we need people who have the guts to vote against some of the spending," explained Bowling Green's Rand Paul.

Paul will take the mic at the Bowling Green Tea Party.

Paul, who's been active in tax issues for 15 years, calls Washington's struggles a bi-partisan problem.

One he says is hitting everyone hard.

"The people organizing this are not career politicians. They're just regular citizens who work here in Bowling Green and get their paycheck at the end of two weeks, and a third of it's gone," he said.

So on tax day, just like so many others, Bowling Green will rally.

Something Jent says will help bring focus to the needs at home.

"We think by bringing people out like this, we can get the word out and maybe make an impact," he said.

The rally kicks off at 5p.m. Wednesday night in Fountain Square Park.

Around 100 people are already expected to attend.

Organizers encourage anyone to make signs, bring friends and come show their support.

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