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Need flyers explaining failures of the FairTax for Tea Party

The April 15th Tea Party in my hometown is organized by a FairTax representative and will feature our US Congressman speaking on behalf of the Fairtax. I'm bummed about this, considering I don't believe the Fairtax is a solution and it is essentially just as immoral and unconstitutional as the income tax. I am wanting to make flyers explaining this, and also how the Federal Reserve is the main culprit, how it relates to income tax.

Is there anyone who is knowledgeable enough about the dangers of the FairTax that can drum something up quickly? I'm very illiterate when it comes to graphic design. Preferably half-page size so it can be folded like a booklet, black and white, and maybe include phrases such as, "Federal Reserve is the problem, Fair Tax is not the solution" and "Abolish the Fed, Income Tax, IRS and replace them with NOTHING!"

Lots of good information on the failures of Fairtax can be found at by Laurence M. Vance. Any help is appreciated.

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