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The Atlanta Teaparty.... Need Help!!!

You know I check the DP site about 5-6 time a week and last I read a topic which said that the establishment had taken over our movement and taking over the Tea Party. I basically said to myself... yeah right... another conspiracy. I had not really been paying much attention to the whole Tea Party thing up to that point. I knew some C4L folks I am friends with were having one in Savannah and I knew that one was being put together here in Atlanta. I then received and email from my RNC Chairman. A forward from one of our Georgia US senators encouraging RNC members to form and attend tea parties. I thought to myself that is strange... so I went to good ole youtube to look for videos and information on the one here in Atlanta and all I found was a video from NEWT GINGRICH of all people promoting the tea parties and realized that SEAN HANNITY OF ALL PEOPLE will be broadcasting live from our Tea PARTY.... That gentleman who's article I skimmed was right. To boot the official ATL teaparty site has about 200 ideas for protest signs... conspicuously missing are "END THE FED" and several other C4L favorites. Tomorrow is the day... I am going. I have read many C4L folk say they are staying home.... Oh that will help. In my dreams I see Sean Hannity being boooooooed off the stage. I know that probably won't happen but I think I will be there protesting the protest. Perhaps a sign that say... "Welcome to the bandwagon" or "Give us back our movement" Anyone who wants to help comment here and come out and protest the protest with me. The liberal media are already taking this as a joke, see the MSNBC clip w/ Rachel Meadows if you don't believe me. I honestly would not mind adding fuel to that fire. This event is supposed to stand for something and clearly all it has come to stand for is a "bash the liberals who took our power" party.

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Politicians Want to Find a Parade

Politicians Want to Find a Parade and get in front of it.

I'm not worried. This is a good sign. A really good sign. Dr. Paul said during the campaign that it's easy to change the direction of Congress: they always have their fingers to the wind.

We will show them which way the wind is blowing.

The Revolutionaries will not be fooled by promises they make. We are not followers. We need to focus on the johnny-come-latelies in the crowd and recruit them for C4L, DownsizeDC.org, whatever political party you support (if any) and the freedom movement.


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