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Tax Day Tea Parties hit Yahoo news

With the usual downplay of such events though...

NEW YORK (AFP) – Critics of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy are planning nationwide "tea parties" Wednesday -- and not for the sake of polite conversation.

Coast-to-coast demonstrations against Obama's big-spending economic stimulus package are promised for the day that is also the deadline for filing federal income tax returns.

Whether Republicans -- in disarray since losing the presidential election last year -- can deliver is open to question.

Pro-Republican organizers say they are plugging into widespread popular anger at Democrat-led Washington.

An even bigger claim is that the catchy "tea party" idea and heavy use of Internet tools like Facebook, YouTube and blogs signals a historic first attempt by Republicans to rival Obama's renowned e-network.

"Conservatives may be catching up with their liberal counterparts in building a Web-driven, grassroots campaign to push their agenda," the Fox News television network said on its website.

Continued: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090414/pl_afp/uspoliticstaxpro...

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First Attempt?

They obviously were not paying attention to the Ron Paul Revolution during the Republican primaries. And once again, much of the effort is at the grassroots level. They do not understand that people can organize themselves without the need of a central organizing force.

That's it Khomar.....to the

That's it Khomar.....to the re-education camps with you