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Why should we or shouldn't we legalize marijuana and hemp?

I am going to plead the case to legalize hemp AND marijuana and explain the real reasons why this plant yes plant is not legal. I also want to make clear that what is categorized as hemp now days is not the same as marijuana although they are usually lumped together as the same thing I assure you they are not . You could smoke a garbage bag full of hemp and you would not get high!

I also need to state I do not smoke marijuana so my opinions as well as my facts are not bias, with that said take a seat and prepare to be shocked about the truth. I came to the conclusion that the only sense this made as to why this plant is illegal is that it didn't make any sense at all!

First I want to speak about medical marijuana and the good it actually does to various terminally ill and sick people around the world. Before some of you say wait a minute we have a synthetic form of marijuana called marinol let me point out some important facts.

If you look at the studies marinol makes most people physically ill when they take it even though it is supposed to give the same effect as marijuana, the fact is it is not marijuana because it not natural it is synthetic. Next time you get a prescription for anything get a list of the side effects of these legal prescription drugs you are taking and watch how quick you get a headache from reading the 3 pages of side effects this single pill could possibly give you. On the other hand in 99.9% of people that take medical marijuana guess what? They don't get physically sick, now why is that? Could it be because it is 100% natural? What do I know I am just some idiot that knows how to read and make an intellegent decision based on facts? Shame on me for educating myself!

I became educated on this subject years ago when my father was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and he was taking marinol for pain and couldn't hold down his food even after taking this so called wonder drug marinol. Do you know what I did? I called a friend that smoked pot and bought some for my father and guess what? Within 30 minutes he was hungry, felt better and ate more than he had eatin in days, yes within 30 damn minutes of smoking ONLY 3 or 4 hits of marijuana. he claimed his pain was almost gone and he didn't feel sick to his stomach any longer and he was hungry, I WAS SHOCKED AND HAPPY. Rest assured I continued to buy him marijuana until he died and I am damn glad I did.

Here are just the side effects for marinol. Are you ready?

clumsiness or unsteadiness - dizziness - drowsiness - false sense of well-being - nausea - trouble thinking - vomiting - blurred vision or changes in vision - dryness of mouth - feeling faint or lightheaded, especially when getting up from a lying down or sitting position - flushing of face - restlessness - unusual tiredness or weakness - amnesia (memory loss) - changes in mood - confusion - delusions - fast or pounding heartbeat - feelings of unreality - hallucinations - mental depression - nervousness or anxiety - being forgetful - change in sense of smell, taste, sight, sound or touch - change in how fast you think - time is passing - constipation - decrease in coordination - sluggish - mood changes - panic - reaction problems in urinating - redness of eyes - seizures - severe drowsiness - severe dryness of mouth - slurred speech - unusual drowsiness or dullness.

Are you feeling sick just from reading all those side effects?

Hell forget about taking the marinol just read the side effects and you have the same side effects as they claim you get while taking their drug!

The fact is that marijuana helps people with diseases such as : Cancer, Glucoma, Multiple Sclerosis and AIDS just to name a few. marijuana helps against nausea, pain, uncontrolable shaking and depression again just to name a few symptoms. I assure you the list goes on and on.

Now this natural plant that could help millions if not billions of people is illegal even though it has been proven time and time again it would help these people? How many people are addicted to prescription drugs in this country? How many people are on anti depressants in this country? How many of these people that are hooked on these drugs were prescribed these drugs only because they had a bad week at work or just broke up with their girlfriend or boyfriend?

Prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people every year in this country due to overdose yet they are legal?

Alcohol kills over 100,00 people yet is legal?

Tabacco kills over 450,000 people and is legal; however, take a guess of how many people have overdosed on marijuana ZERO - NOBODY yet it is illegal?

What the hell is going on here you ask? I asked myself the same questions so then I started to dig into the facts and what I discovered was scary and shocking!

The Pharmaceutical industry is a 604 billion dollar industry yes 604 billion in Europe it was 664 billion so think about the profits of these companies and ask yourself, why wouldn't these companies want to lobby to make this natural plant legal and make more profit for themselves?

Becuase marijuana is NATURAL and you CAN NOT patent anything natural. If they allowed marijuana to be legal it would destroy most of their profits on the drugs they make that they have a patent on to where marijuana would take it's place.

This is nothing more than profit driven to keep this natural plant that could help so many people with so many diseases get better without buying the legal pills they are selling you. That in itself would be motive enough wouldn't it? WAIT THERE'S MORE!

If they legalize marijuana they would have no case to keep hemp illegal for they would absolutely have to make hemp legal as well if they legalized marijuana.

Why do you think they have fought so hard to keep hemp illegal all these years? Well for starters, they have tried to confuse people into believeing that hemp and marijuana are bad and dangerous for you and it would turn people into drug crazed killers, rent reefer madness and watch this extreme propaganda movie they beat into the heads of people as well as schools around the world and you will understand their agenda to link these two sister plants together.

Now the truth about hemp!

Hemp you say? Why are they so against hemp if they know it won't get you high and it won't help the people and diseases I stated above? Because hemp would extremely destroy the profits of other huge companies mainly the oil, steel, lumber, plastic and alcohol industry as well as the food industry because of it's valuabe nutritional food source! How would hemp destroy these companies profits?

Hemp has so many values and can make so many things you would be amazed. What can hemp make you ask? Here are just a few examples :

# 1 : In 1941 Henry Ford built a car made almost entirely out of hemp and this hemp plastic as it was called was 12 times lighter than steel and 10 times stronger. It was virtually indestructable, but that's not all, THE CARS MOTOR RAN COMPLETELY ON HEMP SEED OIL. There goes most of the oil industry!

# 2 : George Washington as well as many other founders grew hemp and they made alcohol from it. Looks like Mccains wife wouldn't have been a trust fund baby if we had hemp making our alcohol. Say goodbye to Budweiser and John Mccains wealth!

# 3 : You can build homes and building materials from hemp, it is the strongest fiber known to man even very small stems are very hard to break. We would not have to kill so many trees that provide oxygen to our plantet. There goes the lumber industry!

# 4 : You can make paper from hemp, did you know the constitution was written on hemp paper and this is the reason it has lasted over 200 years? again hurts the lumber industry!

# 5 : You can make various lotions and skin creams and sun tan oil from hemp seed oil!

# 6 : You can make clothes from hemp and these clothes are so strong it is almost impossible to tear them!

# 7 : You can make rope from hemp and the rope is the strongest rope known to man that is made from hemp fiber!

# 8 : You can make canvas from hemp, in fact the ships used in battle in the early used hemp canvas and rope to secure and power their ships, the most famous were the cribber ships. The canvas would also make the strongest tents know to man.

The list goes on and on folks.

Considering I only gave a handful of examples do you see why they do not ever want to legalize this natural plant that gives us the benefit of so many things we use today in this world?

The motivation? GREED AND CONTROL plain and simple.

It is time for us to stand up and take our damn country back from the voltures that have taken over our country. We have been stolen from, lied to and been fed fear of these natural plants.



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The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

very well stated!!!!!

but depressing.......... I think I'll go smoke one ;) ;)

Decriminalization. Not legalization.

Don't let the government control it through legalization.

I'll second that...

take power away from government, any government, and put the responsibility on the people. Part of our present social decomposition is that we are not able, and in many cases individuals cannot even imagine, self regulation. If we wish for small government, then we need to be responsible for ourselves. We should not look to government for what we cana and cannot do, we need to look to ourselves first.

Assert Your Authority

Assert Your Authority


I have not smoked weed in many years. However, if I could get a hold of some Panama Red similar to what I had at the Pink Floyd concert in Chicago, Animals tour, I would reconsider my abstinence. Pigs( Three Different Ones ), yeah baby!

If we grew Hemp in our country it would save America.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.


sdrawkcab gnihtyreve od deF eht & tnemrevog ehT

Any system permissive enough to give Ritalin to kids...

should be able to tolerate all recreational drugs. Barring that, government has no Constitutional right to ban any natural product.

Excellent point!!!! When one considers what hideous drugs are

being 'given' en masse to the children!!!!! I just want to scream at the insanity of all this.

I support freedom of choice for all adults, whether recreational or medical.

I strongly support what Marc Emery is doing to abolish prohibition of cannabis period.

He is a sincere, and funny guy, and always has been, but he is dead serious when it comes to freedom of choice.

Please see his 'Last Tour across Canada' to abolish prohibition of cannabis.



I just want a hug

I would like to be able to have a few tokes..when needed..(btw I never drive while doing it....when I can get it damnit) but I would love to get a hug from my grandson..my husband...my friends..without wanting to scream in pain.

Freedom is another way to God...A corrupt government is a straight way to hell.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

Fortunately you are one of

Fortunately you are one of few millions of people who think the same about marijuana, unfortunately those people who can make the change refuse to legalize the plant on various reasons. I personally think that the reasons for marijuana legalization are strong that those against legalization but somehow we can't all agree on this. Anyways, I think it won't be long until marijuana will become legal.
Girlmore at International Oddities

Just wait til they make tobacco illegal...

you will see backyard tobacco farms, and dealers. The FDA now controls tobacco, thank you Mr. Barack HUSSEIN Obama. I think you've covered the bases pretty well with your arguements. I did a pro legalization paper in college. I wish I still had it. My thesis was that prohibition of alcohol didn't work, and neither does prohibition of MJ. Just look how easily available it is. I could have some within a couple of hours if I wanted to, and I haven't smoked in probably 15 years. I have an employee that is a reserve police officer in our town. She recently found pot in her 13 year old's room. So that should tell you how good our drug war is working. It makes the growers more profitable, and also makes the Police, prisons, and the legal system profitable-it's big business. The devastation caused by the legal system is far worse than the effects caused by the drug itself. I'm sure you know all of this though. I never really liked pot all that much, and my drug of choice is beer. I just saw a show on tv last night where they cook the pot and let the fumes go into a big plastic bag. I think the absorption rate was over 90% without the smoke damage. With all of the technology we have, if it was legal, innovators would be able to come up with all kinds of ways to make it safer without the worry of getting busted. My main point is that it is all political and nothing to do with common sense.

Volcano Vaporizor

I own the Volcano Vaporizer and it pretty much makes cannabis completely harmless...

criminiliazing nature's gifts

or just nature at all.....

shit man..........that just always sounds like ass to me.

California's FIX

California needs to make cuts to all of their wasteful spending, but to take some of the pain away, they should legalize and tax marijuana. I'm sure from the hemp manufacturing and legalization revenue, people would literally flock to California for this FIX. Also, help the prison system out by releasing any marijuana offenders. One simple thing to do, many problems fixed.

The majority in CA agree with you

and have voted for decriminalization of medical marijuana...the hang up is Arnold who says he owes the GOP a favor, after all he is GOP, and GOP is all but dead now in CA, with the likes of Arnold as the most POWERFUL GOP in the world.

Arnold... who cares...

I voted against the recall of Gray Davis...even with my young age at the time(28) I saw it just some political BS... Arnold has done NOTHING in the 6+ years since. And I don't know what your angle is here Granger, but claiming "Arnold as the most POWERFUL GOP in the world" is pretty rediculous...and Arnold will not be president in '12 no matter how much you want it....why would you want it? I will more than likely vote for Ron Paul again in '12 b/c he represents to me what the GOP is. I changed from IND to REP to vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries...and I will stay a REP b/c of the two major parties REP is far closer to my ideals than DEM is... even though many in the GOP are neocons(ie warmonger Dems with an R in front of thier name)

Hemp drugs

“Speaking generally, the Commission are of the opinion that the moderate use of hemp drugs appears to cause no appreciable physical injury of any kind.” - Indian Hemp Drugs Commission 1893-1894

"Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere." George Washington

"Sowed Hemp at Muddy hole by Swamp."
May 12 George Washington
Diary Entry, May 12 , 1765

"began to separate the male from the female (hemp ) plants" - George Washington
Diary Entry, August 7, 1765

Ron Paul Supporter Since 1997
`Wise people, even though all laws were abolished, would still lead the same life'- Aristophanes -

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Rand Paul 2016

Did you see that movie yet?

YouTube, Video movies, Teenage Devil Dolls... It's about marijuana in the 40s...HUGE eye oper about cannabis histroy and the war on drugs

i did not

but i just Googled it, thanks.
Ron Paul Supporter Since 1997
`Wise people, even though all laws were abolished, would still lead the same life'- Aristophanes -

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

We should decriminalize, with no government regulations.

Leave it to the people.

decriminalize still implies

decriminalize still implies it is illegal or bad with no consequence. It should just be legal.



It is like Sex.. It is regulated to an extent...

You can't go to a park and have sex in public. Society has a right to regulate where sex toy shops operate or advertise. Like not in front of a school ect.

You don't or should not want to talk to everyone about your sex life. Tell everyone when you just had sex. Or go out and flaunt your sex life. And, we shouldn't be seeing sex on public tv. You wouldn't wear sex toys as necklaces, that would be indecent.

Marijuana is like Sex.

It is a issue of personal freedom.

It is the ISSUE that galvanized a generation as John Lennon says "if one of us are in jail then ALL of us are in jail." Even those who didn't smoke understood that it was about Liberty and Peace. Self Determination.

It is the extent of regulation. As far as high THC cannabis. (slang - marijuana)

Low THC cannabis should be legal as oregano. (Hemp)

We have an encroaching

We have an encroaching police state, possible depression, rising unemployment, massive government corruption, wars & rumors of wars, & the death of the dollar looming before us and once again the pot heads only care about getting high.

check out this pot head


Ron Paul Supporter Since 1997
`Wise people, even though all laws were abolished, would still lead the same life'- Aristophanes -

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

Bob Barr is a piece of shit.

Bob Barr is a piece of shit. This is not an isolated case and there are millions of people around the world like this. This shit needs to stop. I watched my father go from 230lbs to 70lbs you bet your ass I got him Pot to ease his pain.

Excuse my language.



The pot heads will still get high--see fedor's post below.

We need to unravel this crazy system and what was formerly known as "the war on drugs" is a major piece.
Legal or not, pot heads will smoke weed.

The "potheads"?

How about the war on drugs has armed the police and now they will use their new toys on you. Stop the war on drugs and the toys are no longer needed.