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What do you think about tramadol pills fine results?

I read recently
an article about the benefits of ultram "Fibromyalgia Treatment Using Ultram AKA Tramadol". You can read it here.
IMHO something is very doubtful. Don`t you think that this is the obvius product promotion?

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My girlfriend is on Tramadol.

Its a painkiller. Its not a cure for anything. If it was up to me, she'd toss out most (if not all) of her meds out and let her body heal itself.

But she has to come to that realisation herself. I can't force her to do anything.





If I had a penny for every person soaking up entitlements in the name of fibromyalgia...I would never have to work again.

Tramadol is one of the leading causes of seizures in patients with no previous hx of seizures. It surely has its place in therapy (ideal for treatment of minor pain in some patients..especially those that you do now want to give centrally active opioids).

I am skeptical of any products created by the medical industry to combat conditions created by the medical industry.