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Do the right thing for "our movement" tomorrow!

I generally lurk around here but I am about to see one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetimes go to waste and have to get this off my chest.

Whether “We the people” agree or disagree on 9/11, Glenn Beck, etc., “We the people” do all agree on one thing: Government has grown out of control and the time to re-assert our naturally given rights (not Constitutional rights) is way overdue.

I have read post after post where people are concerned about the "hijacking" of “our” movement/message. It's a valid concern but everyone needs to think this through. First, the message can't be "hijacked." The message was here when you found it and will remain here long past your time on this earth. Second, it's not “our” movement to be "hijacked." It is a movement of “We the people”, not any individual person or specific group. Third, if our message does get "hijacked", what is the worst case scenario? Is “our” movement going to be set back? Of course not. “We the people” will still be sharing our love for liberty and freedom with the same group of people we are today. The only difference is "We the people" will now refer to them as not only liberals, progressives, neocons, statists, and fascists, but also hijackers. Nothing of real substance will have changed.

How do "We the people" ever expect to return to true liberty and freedom without the movement eventually going into the mainstream? “We the people” can remain in the minority and stay oppressed or take this unprecedented opportunity to speak with thousands of fellow Americans tomorrow that are fed up with the governments treasonous behavior about the true meaning of liberty and freedom. “We the people” have before us tea parties all across the country where thousands of people are now more than ever open minded to learning about the true meanings of freedom, liberty and self sovereignty. Could "We the people" ask for a better opportunity to spread "our" message? It's even on "our" turf.

I suggest everyone take a hard look in the mirror, think to yourself what exactly it is “We the people” are trying to accomplish and do everything in your power to share your love for liberty and freedom with as many people as possible tomorrow.

Towards liberty,

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Agreed. We all have

Agreed. We all have different views on many sub-issues, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

A great post and a reminder to be on our best behavior

and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! "Could "We the people" ask for a better opportunity to spread "our" message? It's even on "our" turf." Yesss!!

I think I will hand

out a flyer that says www.dailypaul.com. Then the rest will be up to us. I think this is the best place to steer these people. That is what I am gonna do.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Cheers Ryan

Thanks for this post!

PREFACE to reason

While I can agree on your many philosophys ,I cannot let go of the fact that WE need to lead ,WE need to guide.. AS the REPUBLICAN party has been taken over, so too could our movement... We need to be where the head is & not let the people who destroyed CONSERVATISM or fiscal restraint get to the fore of these events ..This will certainly short circuit a serious attempt to RE- INSTATE "INTENT" of Constitutional LAWS & the "INTENT" of our forefathers in forming this great nation...This is a time in human events that ONLY trusted voices with no other agenda will do...ONE purpose...RING the LIBERTY bell, loud & clear, so there can be NO mistake of the message amoung men...

The Republican party is a

The Republican party is a political party. We are a movement. It's very different.

Our movement isn't centralized. We just need to keep sticking to our logical and powerful message, and eventually our message will trickle through to all political parties.

Stop and think about it. Our message can't be hijacked.


The message will lead, not people. Declaring who can and can't lead absolutley contradicts our beliefs.

How can we tell others not to listen to an oppressive government regime, but in the next breath ask them to listen to us? Remember, we're already sold on liberty and freedom. Others will remain skeptical.

Leave the leading to the message.

rmcc4444: You and I are on

rmcc4444: You and I are on the same page.


Hopefully we aren't in the minority. :)

We have the opportunity to open more minds in a single day than we normally do in an entire year.

I'm afraid some people will talk down those who don't "get it" yet. I know how mind numbing it can be trying to de-program people who have been fed fairytale freedom tales their entire lives.

For example, we understand that legalizing drugs won't turn the country into a nation of crack heads. However, this is an entirely new concept to most people in America.

Patience and restraint will be at a premium tomorrow.

Sounds like the good

Sounds like the good philosophy of two Dr.s I know of. MLK and RP.

Do you know what books they

Do you know what books they read that talk about this philosophy?

I think Leo Tolstoy and Ghandi, but were there any others.


Gandhi had the biggest influence on MLK, according to his writings.


To lead?

I'd love nothing more than to educate a few future leaders tomorrow. Hell, if I can awaken the next Thomas Jefferson, I'll gladly follow.

Why do you insist on us leading "the movement" so much? I think the goal should be to spread the message first and foremost. Leaders and freedom are a fine line.

You hit the nail on the

You hit the nail on the head! I always thought the same way as you do.

We are winning! Tomorrow will be a monumental day for our message.