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Navy Seals were secretly in Katrina, Fox News told not to report

Greta Van Susteren:Navy Seals were secretly in Katrina? Fox News told not to report ?

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Katrina = 11+1+20+18+9+14+1= 74X9 =666

Military tactics!
Understand the language of illusion, it's enchanted.

is that a joke?

why times 9? Is RogueCaspian 666?

Ran onto this debate while I was there!

"He is not going to be president." Not if Fox can help it. Not if no one gets to hear him. "The Clintons were all there and all these Ron Paul supporters." I'll swear we had it if given a chance. I'll swear we have it in 2012 and they are already making sure he is overshadowed. This very day is their formal launching pad to be certain the neocons stay in control on the right. They know it is slipping away to Ron Paul and they have Glenn, Rush, Hannity and Perry, Huckabee, Malkin scrambling out there as hard and fast as they can. Look at the little just for fun poll that was done last week. Probably looks more significant to them than to us even.
I cannot stand that Susan communist.


And we keep hoping

the military is going to "save us."

I read that there were/are eye witnesses...

to seeing explosives being planted...

also when they were investigating the levees that failed.. the undersea dives found explosives.. and when they mentioned this..to the fema guy in charge he told them to throw it back in the ocean... and to ignore it... He didn't... he took it to an explosive expert he knew in the military and the guy told him that the explosive material that was found was military grade...

which means..... KATRINA WAS A BLACK OPS EVENT!!! ( ie false flag..) On this issue alone we should have a Revolution...but no.. the media is a slave to the state.... so almost no one knows this knowledge....

Do you remember what the objective was in the story you heard?

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Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

very interesting but it backfired on bush.

it makes sense, why else would FEMA go in and cut the power lines and turn away walmart trucks full of water and coast guard boats full of diesel fuel etc etc.
gun confiscation trial run maybe?
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Does not surprise me.

Where will they turn up next?