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Homemade Pies Illegal in PA, State Cracks Down on Church

The Wall Street Journal article ran an article this week entitled "Pennsylvania Pie Fight: State Cracks Down on Baked Goods", and subtitled "Inspector Nabs Homemade Desserts At St. Cecilia Church's Lenten Fish Fry"

You can read the key excerpts of this outrageous article along with some very good analysis here:
Beware homemade pie and a glass of milk

It begins:

Unless one sees what has been happening already and who is behind it, it is difficult to believe that the bills in Congress can cover EVERYTHING, that "they" would do something so ... totalitarian. It is exactly because it is so monstrous a grab for all control, that it is hard to believe.

Read the rest here.

(FYI: That's not my blog, and I don't know the person who wrote this. Someone just passed it along to me via e-mail.)

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¡¡¡¡abolish food safety regulators!!!!

when you go to a restaurant, ask to see the kitchen. if you don't like the cleanliness of the kitchen, don't eat there. if they won't allow you to see the kitchen, don't eat there.

¡¿why are we paying all these taxes to the state to do something we should get off our fat lazy asses and do ourselves?!

There is no part of our lives that the don't want to contol!

So much for the old saying....As American As Apple Pie. Now that pie seems to be unAmerican.

Let them keep pushing. People are starting to wake up to the BS! The "silent majority" was silent too long so it is no longer the majority. Silent no more! My 75 yr old mother-in-law went to a TEA Party today! And this is a person who use to call Ron Paul an idiot before she started to learn about him from us. There will be unintended consequences for this administration. I can feel it starting now.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

When I was a youth in the

When I was a youth in the scouts we had bake sales to help raise funds for our troop. So... I suppose that in 2009 kids would be arrested for doing such things?


They'd possibly have their baked goods stolen by the state

...like the people at this church. I guess it would depend how many bake sales per year there were.

The WSJ article says: "Under the state's food-safety code, facilities that provide food at four or more events in a year require at least a temporary eating and drinking license, and food has to be prepared in a state-inspected kitchen. Many churches have six fish fries a year, on Fridays during Lent. St. Cecilia's has always complied with having its kitchen licensed, so food made there is fine to serve. But homemade goods don't make the cut."


Wanted to give this a bump so more people could see it.

It sank really fast.

a late night bump

a late night bump

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