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It's not too late for Ron Paul to run for Governor of Texas.

I'm not going to make a long, erudite post about this...I'm throwing it out as food for thought.

Texas is already the most important state in the US economically. I predict after the 2010 census, it will be named the most populous state as well.

I do not see Ron Paul running for, or winning, the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. But I feel he could become Governor of Texas.


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I like him in DC. He's our eyes and ears and tells us the truth

I can't imagine him NOT being there. Who would take his place? He is just so darn honest and wonderful. Besides, he really has got some momentum going with the Fed audit now.

I suspect this would only be the second phase of all out dismantling this monstrosity once and for all. Its going to take at least a few years to complete this task. He has worked over 30 years to see this happen.

It's a good idea and better suited to his message.

I like it a lot. As a governor, he could go to interviews to urge for states' soveriegnty arguing that the US government is stealing the income of Texans and forcing them to spend the money wastefully. As a congressman, he gets hung up on the issue of the earmarks that he's obligated to participate in.

Also, governors are much more suited to jump to the presidency than a congressman.

You don't think RP is

You don't think RP is capable of winning 2012? Thats very odd because it seems to me that his message was all over the news yesterday in the form of tea parties. I would say twice as many people are awake to what is going on in our government than during the elections and I may not be giving it enough credit. It could be many more. Thats less than six months after the elections. Imagine how many people will be aware of what is happening by 2012. Also look at your history. Its full of people who run and expect to lose but win the next time around. Hell even Reagan did it. You ask me I think he knows exactly what he is doing and I'm impressed by his strategy. Whisper the idea of liberty into peoples ears and let it simmer. Its brilliant. No matter what racial, spiritual or political divides one thing remains true throughout history about the human spirit. We will not be made slaves and if we are we will not stay slaves for long. Freedom appeals to everyone.

So you want to know what I think? I think it aint 2012 yet. If RP isn't the president of this country at some point we are a bunch of damn fools. Imagine the greatness of this country after four years of RP. I would imagine it would be a world where America is the light in the darkness it used to be and was meant to be. As far as I can tell he is a man of wisdom and great knowledge. Its time we valued those things instead of just another pretty face with a damn good hustle.

Ron Paul for president!

Anti-DC might not = anti-Austin

Ron Paul loves railing against railing against big federal gov't. He's a federalist, and I don't think he would enjoy fighting what Austin does as much as he likes fighting DC.

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Yes! I will move to Texas if he runs, so I could vote for him!

Please don't toy with me on this unless it is a real possibility.

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Ron Paul has said before

Ron Paul has said before that his main concerns are those with the Federal government. He wants his influence to be in DC and not just in Texas. Although, I would love to see him become Governor of TX in 2010 and then run for President in 2012 or 2016. Governors and Senators have MUCH more potential to be President than a Congressman. I believe that Dr. Paul's run for President was possibly the best run any Congressman has made in recent times. He got about 10% from some of the early states, which is not bad at all.

If he were Governor of Texas, I would definitely move there ASAP, as I know lots of other people would too.

Let's not underestimate...

...the potential of a state governor to get the attention of the nation. The states were supposed to have and to exercise several "checks and balances" against the Federal Government. An educated and conscientious governor could likely cause even MORE trouble for a lawless federal government than could a US Representative. And he would certainly get more press coverage. He might also serve to embolden other governors...

Perhaps the governor's office would indeed advance Dr. Paul's mission more than the House.

Jack Pelham
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I don't think Dr. Paul will be able to run in 2016 simply because of age. Won't he be about 80 then? We can and should aim at 2012, but 2016 is pretty far-fetched.

I would probably move there

I would probably move there as well. I'm from New Jersey, so moving pretty much anywhere other than NY would be an improvement, at least as per the following university research study: http://www.statepolicyindex.com/?page_id=143



how bout President of Texas

I don't think Governer is really his calling...

Dr. Paul has been happy to represent the people more than govern them I believe.

And Texas is already on the right track regarding many things--like no state income tax for example.

The presidential campaign would not have been about governing us but actually about LESS governing us.

I'd love to see another run again and I would fully support him, but realistically he does a lot of good iin Congress as well as on the other committes he is a part of.

Besides, I would worry very much for his safety if he got near the presidency.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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Ditto pawnstorm, I agree with all your points. I heard him

asked about the governor run many months ago and he said it wasn't reallly his area of interest. With all his experience and stature in Congress I think that is his place, and he can keep us informed on what's really going on that way too. His interest was and is being on the finance committee where he is the ranking member. I believe he does more good in Congress.


Ron Paul is Much Bigger Than Governor of Texas

Ron Paul is, and should be, the preeminent president of these united States. He has the right stuff, the knowledge, the right ideas and the morals to lead this country to it's rightful place on this planet, a place where people live free of government intrusion into ever aspect of life, free of a nanny state, free of a big brother empire and a friend to all peoples and countries if they seek peace. The onerous things that are going on in this NWO-oriented society are shameful. These bums that are making laws and issuing edicts against the sovereign people have to go the way of the dinosaurs. They have no place in a free and liberty-minded society. We are not their soylent green to be dispatched as they see fit. They must be dispatched to the fossil beds of our society where they will be the new fossil fuel for our use. But, you see, they have no fear. They do not fear not being reelected. They have the silver tongue that puts the people to sleep only to awake when the dirty deed is done. They have no shame and always have an excuse for their nascent actions and their votes. They do not fear being dragged from their lofty abodes in the great halls of congress, won with much sacrifice by our forefathers, by their hair, stripped to their waist and flogged on the public square. They are the "no-fear" congress, unaccountable to the people who are the true rulers of this great country. This must stop and stop now.

DEBRA MEDINA RP's Congressional Campaign Manager is Running

DEBRA MEDINA (RP's Congressional Campaign Manager) is Running for GOVERNOR OF TEXAS

Support DEBRA for Texas governor at this link...





Also see this as we (with DEBRA in the lead) made a great bid to take over the Republican Party of Texas....


DEBRA IS AWESOME and is 99.999% just like RON PAUL! She has attended most of the grassroots meetups in Texas and is an educator first and foremost as to how the ruthless party machine works.

Ron Paul 2012, Join or Die!



Debra Medina for governor. I

Debra Medina for governor. I still have hopes for Dr. Paul in 2012.


Ron Paul has his own role to play... Debra's role is the next governor of Texas.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Debra Medina is the real deal

She was the only one brave enough to challenge the corrupt Republican Party of Texas in court, with her own money no less. If the 2008 RPT state convention were run by the actual rules instead of by the controlling elite, we would have had real change in Texas in 2008.


Thanks for the good news. I'll be following the story.

He needs to run for President of the USA for 2012

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give it time, the stars may be aligning...

As much as I love Ron Paul, I don't think he'd have much of a chance in a primary that includes Perry and Senator Bailey-Hutchinson. Even with the power of our grassroots fundraising... Texas governor is just sort of a dead end.

Besides, it would be a risk to try for governor and then lose the congressional seat.

Lastly, if things continue as they are now, I think the stars might align and the conditions be just right for Ron Paul to have a strong chance/big role to play for 2012.... If he chooses to run again and Obama proves to be largely successful then I think he'd have a high chance of winning the nomination (as there'd likely be less competition).... If Obama doesn't succeed and the nation is in the same/worse state, he could still have a strong chance, we'd just have to work harder as we'd likely have more, tougher competition... But if we keep reaching out to people like we did at tea-parties, we should be able to significantly boost our numbers.

Dr Paul would be wonderful for Texas

But he has said no on several occasions. If he does this, he loses his seat in the House, his seniority in CONgress, and his seats on the committees. It's not prudent for him to run.

Debra Medina has the integrity and the platform for our (Texas') next Governor. Check out her web site at www.runmedina.com for further information. She is the State Coordinator for CFL, hand picked by Dr. Paul. What other endorsement(s) do you need?

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Why not Ron Paul for President of the Republic of Texas?

However, you first need to run Rick Perry and the Bush family out of Texas.

"I couldahada Ron Paul."


No you dont,. Perry and the rest are officers in THE STATE OF TEXAS, a foreign corporation.

The original jurisdiction government is unseated and vacant.


Music to my ears...

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

All it would take to run 'em

All it would take to run 'em out would be for Ron Paul to run.I think he would win in a landslide.
I like the way that sounds..."Ron Paul President of the Republic of Texas."

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Ron Paul President of the Republic of Texas

Love it. Wonder if we could get rid of the word Bush on our Intercontinental Airport?

Reading between the lines..

That's one reason I like the idea of him becoming the state Governor.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I grew up in Texas

Dallas to be exact. Then my family had to move to New York. Then I moved to Boston, back to New York, and now, for the last 8 years, Los Angeles Californ I A. If Texas succeeds and he becomes President, then I am back there with no question whatsoever. After the CA tax hikes I just can't afford it here anymore.