Professionally Designed Ron Paul Brochures.

User 'Bill of Rights' sent me the following message:

This is a link to 2 new brochures one is black & white for economy printing, the other is full color. This is a rather large file so it may take some time but I promise you it's worth it.

I also have a full color with bleed if your interested in having some
professionally printed. The bleed gives it a very finished, professional
look, but requires printing on a larger sheet and cutting to finished size (8.5 x 11 in this case) afterwards because printers (and presses) can't print to the edge of a sheet. If your interested let me know and I'll get you the file.


Thank you. They are indeed great.

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The Ron Paul Graphics Group

Due to the increasing traffic and requests for campaign literature I've created the Ron Paul Graphics Group. All campaign literature I've created and continue to create is posted there and available to download at no cost. Please join us!

Ron Paul Door Hangers

I forgot to put my name on the door hangers to indicate who "paid for" these designs. I also added Ron Paul's website, e-mail and phone number. I took down the old links and here are the new ones. Sorry if it caused any problems.

Desktop Printers

Commercial Printers

Commercial Printers (file set to bleed)


P.S. I made a campaign video, posted on youtube, check it out:

Ron Paul Door Hangers

I've posted door hanger files for the Ron Paul campaign, each pdf contains 5 different door hangers and each has a note on page 1 with more information on how to produce the file. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Take care,

Download Links:
1. DrHngrsDesktopPrntr.pdf (for desktop printers)

2. DrHngrs_OffsetPrnt.pdf (for commercial printers)

3. DrHngrs_OffsetPrnt_Bleed.pdf (for commercial printers/file set to bleed)

Ron Paul 2008 Brochures/Campaign Literature

Greetings Ron Paul Supporters,

I created the Ron Paul brochure I've seen mentioned here. I've completed doorhangers and am working on additional materials. If there are any problems getting these files or anyone would like additional information or to make comments or suggestions you can contact me via my website at:

Thank you,

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
—Samuel Adams

great brochure

Thank you for making the brochure. I printed 100 copies on my inkjet printer and handed out 4 today while running errands. It was interesting how I brought the topic up.

A lady at a Kinko's helping me laminate a Bill of Rights card I made asked me if I knew the Social Security Number is illegal. I said of course, and she brought up the Constitution. I then started talking about the brochure I conveniently set on the counter and I asked her if she knew about Ron Paul. She said no (typical response) and my answer is always "because the paid-for biased media doesn't want you to know about him". She took it and was very excited.

At Office Max, a girl asked me to verify the charges for my items was correct on the credit card readout. I told her "it doesn't say free, how can we fix that?" I'm quite a smart ass, makes people's day a lot more fun. She said, "If we make it free, then everyone would get more products from us." Me "Who pays for it all? I know, we can expand the Federal Gov even further!" Her "But then they'd want to raise our already too high taxes even further". Me "So you're tired of that, and our Federal Gov being too big? You do know that the Constitution is constantly violated" and handed her a brochure, told her that Ron Paul has a 30 year voting record to back up his talk as a man with unwavering principles and voting based on what the Constitution says.

At Costco while getting gas, the attendant saw my Ron Paul bumper sticker and asked about him. We talked for several minutes, even while he was helping other customers. He wanted to hear what I had to say about Ron Paul.

There are so many ways to reach people. I'm keeping copies of this brochure in my car, and my wife is doing the same. We're also making business cards with Ron Paul's summary on it and will keep copies in our wallets to hand out. Every one of us can do this.

Ron Paul 2008 Brochures

Sorry everyone we took them offline to modify them to a more manegable size. They are now less than 2MB. You can down load here

Accessing the brochure file

Bill Stegmeier from the Ron Paul state of South Dakota

I am unable to access the brochure at Mediafire using the link mentioned in the article:'

Any help?


Bill Stegmeier from the Ron Paul state of South Dakota

Michael Nystrom's picture

The new address

is here:

I'm updating it in the body as well.


He's the man.
Michael Nystrom's picture

You're right

Bill - you're right - the address is no longer good. I'm trying to track down where they can be found right now. I downloaded them just to take a look, but I didn't keep them - they were huge - 37MB! I'll post back here once they're back up.


He's the man.