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What happened in Carson City, NV yesterday


The above link is to a story about the thousands of demonstrators who showed up at the capitol of Nevada yesterday. While I spent about an hour at the demonstration videotaping the speeches & the amazing crowds. I spent the majority of my day at the Republican State Central Committee meeting trying to represent. It was tough, The room was filled with the same country club RINO's who keep railing about growing the party, & wondering where the people & money are going to come from to overthrow Obama. For the past year I have encouraged, cajoled, & pleaded with Ron Paul people in my state to get elected to their State Central Committees & come to these twice yearly meetings, so that we can get our act together & elect an executive board for the SCC that represents US!

I've pretty much failed. It was the same old little group of us at that meeting - vastly outnumbered & outvoted. Next fall, the executive board will be elected. If we don't have the votes, we'll go down in flames & the Republican party of Nevada will be run by the same bunch of DC cronies.

While protesting is fun & makes you feel great when it's done on the scale it was yesterday, what would be even more fun would be to take over the Republican party in the state of Nevada, much less the rest of the country. I am soooo disappointed today in my Campaign For Liberty members, and Ron Paul meetup members who just want to write e-mails & carouse with the crowds. You demand your rights, but you won't participate in the process that's in place for taking your rights back. Demonstrating does not create change. You have to elect people to office.

In July, there will be a regional conference in Las Vegas for the Campaign for Liberty. I know hundreds of you will want to be there to hear speeches & be inspired by Dr. Paul. Again, this will be all you will do. Are you ever going to wake-up, infiltrate this Republican party & take it back? It's floundering on its back right now, ripe for take-over. Yet, you don't show up - pitiful.........

When are you going to Walk the Walk & not just Talk the Talk.
What would Ron Paul do?

Cynthia Kennedy
Iterim State Coordinator
Campaign For Liberty

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We're getting

organized here in innesota and we've taken over a few districts.

I truly wish it

was that easy, Granger. I'd register third party in an instant if I thought that way could succeed. I've voted third party consistently for the past 20 years & have gotten NO WHERE! Back in Sept, I, along with hundreds of others, attended campaign strategy seminars put on by the Campaign For Liberty in St Paul. We were told by experts, including Dr. Paul, that the only way to succeed is to take over the Republican party. Why? Because most of your electorate votes their party line no matter who is running. Why not take advantage of what could in some circumstances be a majority & win? Why have to get Democrats & Republians to vote 3rd party in order to win? That's an impossible task to accomplish in order to get a majority. Get Constitutional candidates nominated on Republican tickets, then go out & tell Libertarians, IAP, Green Party people, etc. that this candidate represents them. You'll get the tiny percentage you need to swing the vote in your favor & win.

If you don't believe me, just tell me how many 3rd party people are in Congress?

Please people, you have to work in the system to get anywhere.

Cynthia Kennedy

Decline to State party

Is not a third party.

Decline to State party is Independent... NO PARTY

Ron Paul BELONGS to the Constitution Party, Libertarian party and GOP. Why? Because, he will tell you, there is no law saying you must belong to one party. And there is no law that says you must belong to a party... so the thing to do to win is not be a member of any party but wprk as independents for a common cause, Freedom, Liberty, Ending wars, sound money, etc.

The only party I ever joined was Libertarian party... I became Indy in 1992 and it's FREEDOM!!! Ron Paul ran on a platform that did not represent the GOP, it reprented Nader and the Libertarian party. Ron Paul hurt Nader's run because many Libertarinas have been helping Ron Paul (MSM likes to call us GOP) no. MSM lies. Ron Paul's message was Nader's message on many levels...

As an Indy, I ask, what is a party going to do for me? Ron Paul didn't give me a $6 million money bomb....

I'm not

I completely understand why so many patriots from the great basin have abandoned the NVGOP. It's dissappointing after witnessing those who sold out for a concert ticketr to McCain. Bully bully bully about spending money on the GOP? No way!!! I'm dissappointed in those who think they can snatch the GOP from the greatest body snatchers on earth, the neocons.

You're either with them as MSM presents them or youre not, and why would anyone be, ESPECIALLY in NV?

Meanwhile, the only hold up to CA passing a medical marijuana bill and pulling its self out of debt and keeping the immoral war on drugs in operation: tax payer paid labor camps, is CAGOP, Arnold Schwartzenegger, who constantly prooves he's a Kennedy, owes the GOP favors, which by killing the marijuana act, that 93& of the state wants, but the GOP does not, his veto will assure the GOP will be lass than a third party.. already Independents are ahead of GOP. Democrats 52% Independents 28% GOP bats it out with the rest

The people are ready for Change we can believe in and that's ending the GOP.

Quit the collectivism trap: register "Decline to State party" and support Independents of party that match your platform issues.