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Little Green Footballs attacks Ron Paul


The comment section is pretty interesting.

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I don't remember them doing anything else in the past two years. Don't give them hits.

Sam Marsh

little red footballs

...is possibly the most pathetic excuse for a political blog on the net. The dishonesty there is just sad. They don't even have open registering and highly moderate their posters to prevent any dissent in the comments.

WHY are we posting about them? We shouldn't even be associating them in any way to this site - be it through links or simply typing their name.

They should change the name

To Little Green Pea Brains

Lol they used "paleocon" as

Lol they used "paleocon" as an insult.

Ventura 2012

They should change their name

to little green devil's minions.


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May I be the one to say

So what?