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Sundown at Coffin Rock !

**Reviving this from the lost posts..I believe it was "Hawkeye" posted this great short story last year...well worth the read at this time!

Sundown at Coffin Rock....

The old man walked slowly through the dry, fallen leaves of autumn, his practiced eye automatically choosing the bare and stony places in the trail for his feet. There was scarcely a sound as he passed, though his left knee was stiff with scar tissue. He grunted occasionally as the tight sinews pulled. Damn chainsaw, he thought.

Behind him, the boy shuffled along, trying to imitate his grandfather, but unable to mimic the silent motion that the old man had learned during countless winter days upon this wooded mountain in pursuit of game. He's fifteen years old, the old man thought. Plenty old enough to be learning. But that was another time, another America. His mind drifted, and he saw himself, a fifteen-year-old boy following in the footsteps of his own grandfather, clutching a twelve gauge in his trembling hands as they tracked a wounded whitetail.

please read this short story...


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Actually, it

Actually, I placed it on this site last year. But, I do remember there was some kind of coffin rock story of another kind.

But glad you enjoyed it. Good to read it always...

Yes they will stoop this low...


Thanks Daryl...maybe it was you

last year ...good story!@
"I truly wish that real life would no longer surpass the worst excesses of my nightmarish imaginings... Arthur Silber **

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Gah! Didn't see that ending coming.

Thank you Liberty Belle for that story.

This line should remove all doubt for anyone thinking the 2nd amendment might mean just for the military:

"...the people have to have guns, too, in order to keep the government itself under control."