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China stocks Copper!

This is an interesting article in which the author describes how China is purchasing metals, copper in particular, as a hedge against future price inflation or possibly as a protective measure against sanctions by western nations should a conflict occur. Very interesting stuff....

A 'Copper Standard' for the world's currency system?


Start saving those pre 1980 pennies!! Actually if you check out http://www.coinflation.com frequently you'll likely look through your change a little more closely as I do.


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but Pritchard hasn't always been the most accurate forecaster.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

Rio Tinto

I live within a few miles of the world's largest open-pit copper mine, a spectacular man-made hole the size of the grand canyon. A US firm named Kennecott owned the firm until it was acquired by English mining concern, Rio Tinto. China just acquired 18% of Rio Tinto. Nearly 1/5th of the mountain range within a few miles of my house is now owned by the Chinese.