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San Francisco Tax Day Protest/Rally Photos!

Some Photos I took at the Protest:
I would say about 300 to 500 people showed up, a very good number considering San Fran is the most liberal city ever! An interesting group of speakers in front of the federal building where Nancy Pelosi's office is located. A few immigrants spoke from Cuba, Germany, and Poland which was cool as well as some younger kids. A lot of libertarians, Ron Pauler's, and C4L people were present passing out fliers on the federal reserve and the end the fed protest on april 25. When we were marching back to the civic center, a small group of about 7-10 anarchist/black bloc members with f*** capitalism signs started a scuffle near the path leading out and one of our people got in a fight. I tried to break it up but thought it would be best to stay away... After we walked the 2 or 3 blocks to the civic center, the group American Immigrant Lawyers Association had a podium set up on the steps and speakers would constantly come up to speak. BUT, our group surrounded them, and drowned them out with chants! It was amazing and after about 10 minutes they packed up and left, leaving our group of about 100 to continue chanting. Eventually, the police told us we didn't have a permit to do this and I left just before the crowd dissolved. A successful day for Americans in San Francisco!!!!