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Financial Panics = Political Change! Martin Armstrong

I hope you will all read this - dated 4-15-09 Covers everything - you will love it.

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Excellent read. Especially the part about the arbitrator for

the American people against corrupt gov't officials. Why don't we have this?


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Wow - great! Where did you

Wow - great! Where did you find this? I'm printing it off right now to read.

I posted this one earlier today about Armstrong:


My understanding is that he's still in jail. Is this real or a hoax?

I guess I'm about to find out...

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Looking Behind the Curtain

by Martin Armstrong - just download

Martin Armstrong Contact

I am the person who has been publishing Martin Armstrong's essays since the first one in October of last year. When I was asked to help because of my access to the Prison I was more than happy to help a friend 'Help a Friend'. I never imagined it would take off like it has.

So many people are involved and supporting him now--I'm ecstatic! My goal is to get him out of Fort Dix Prison Camp. What a travesty that he is in his 10th year of a 5 year sentence for something he was railroaded for--he just 'KNEW TOO MUCH and refused to sell out his brain.

I have put it out there for anyone to forward questions to me, I compile them and deliver them for response. He responded the last time with "Looking Behind the Curtain--Answers to Questions (which is posted on my Scribd site ) along with his new one "But They Can't Do That" an eye-opening truth about our corrupt Justice System and it's relation to the Economy. The next one is about our "currency", I don't know the title yet, but he's on a roll with writing right now.

I recently received and published documents Marty has given to me regarding his case. I published them on Scribd, and Nathan Martin ("Nathan's Economic Edge") arranged them beautifully in a piece called,"Martin Armstrong--Making His Own Case" http://economicedge.blogspot.com/2009/04/martin-armstrong-ma...), PLEASE SPREAD IT AROUND!

I hope this was informative, please forward any or all of this to evryone you know that would be interested, and please forward any question to Martin to me at this address: k59@gmx.com



Hi Michael

Jim Sinclair just a few days pointed us to this web site where many of his writings are. If you have not read Looking Behind the Curtain I would highly recommend. Yes he's still in jail. He does cover it a great deal in this new one just published yesterday. I print them out to read as well and also save. All the best.

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Thank you! I'll pass it on.

Thank you! I'll pass it on.

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