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Economic Survivalists Take Root

"When the economy started to squeeze the Wojtowicz family, they gave up vacation cruises, restaurant meals, new clothes and high-tech toys to become 21st-century homesteaders.
Now Patrick Wojtowicz, 36, his wife Melissa, 37, and daughter Gabrielle, 15, raise pigs and chickens for food on 40 acres near Alma, Mich. They're planning a garden and installing a wood furnace. They disconnected the satellite TV and radio, ditched their dishwasher and a big truck and started buying clothes at resale shops.

"As long as we can keep decreasing our bills, we can keep making less money," Patrick says. "We're not saying this is right for everybody, but it's right for us. Hard times are creating economic survivalists such as the Wojtowicz family who are paring expenses by becoming more self-sufficient.

Whatever happens to the economy, the Wojtowicz family hopes to remain self-sufficient. Instead of spending their tax refund, as they usually did, they used it to pay down debt. They stopped using credit cards and they're trying to build up savings. "I'm working harder than ever," Patrick says, "but it's more satisfying work and ... it's much easier to sleep at night."


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Tax Refund?

You mean you've been over-paying for a year and they are finally returning your money...at no interest? Dumb de dumb.
Never over pay those guys, they have a habit of being slow to give your money back.
Raise your with-holdings. Owe them money and file an extension. Pay as late as you can. It'll cost a little in penalty and interest....but oh the joy of "with holding" your money.
"..shall not be infringed."

"..shall not be infringed."

excellent.... nice

excellent.... nice post.

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

I am more concerned about the return of my money than the return on my money. --Mark Twain


for others to read. Good luck and peace

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Freedom Baby...its a beautiful thing...

They have done what I dream of doing. Time to move on it. I am going to make a new life (I'm 40 this year woohoo).

Next week I am going to a couple of remote areas I found last year, hoping to start to put down roots (wish it would stop snowing). Funny one area is three hours off pavement and its where my dad grew up. No chentrails there.

Tomorrow morning I am going to buy a good truck for going off main roads. (If anyone cares I have it narrowed down to an old low mileage Izuzu which is supposedly without electronics and a low mileage 2001 Explorer Sport. I know not much about trucks but I want to keep me and the dog dry while we scout around) I am going to leave the ecological Toyota in the city with my daughter for school (sadly not her bio dad - but a damn good replacement)

I am rambling...I notice I am not the only one feeling a bit down on this board tonight. A few beers too many I think. My heart is with those who feel discouraged.

I ripped up one of those "you are approved" letters with the phoney plastic credit card on it today. Can't believe I even thought about taking the credit.

Its time for fortitude. Isn't that a good word?



They got the right idea.

Self-sufficient. Independent.

I like this thread.

Thanks for posting it. In Liberty.