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Bill 'exempts' Alaska from federal gun regulation

JUNEAU - The state House has approved a bill exempting guns and ammunition manufactured and kept within Alaska from federal firearms regulation, a measure critics immediately said was unconstitutional.


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Good for them!

I wish the legislature in NH had the rocks to tell the feds to take a hike, they are ruining us.

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i was of the understanding

i was of the understanding that it was the other way around being unconstitutional?

you know, it'd be a lot easier to deal with these questions of constitutionality if we'd simply dissolve the united states.

America: three fifths of a police state, excluding indians not taxed.
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I wonder..

I wonder if the critics are people from the Federal Government!

Critics said the exemption

Critics said the exemption is unconstitutional? What a joke. Gun control is what's unconstitutional.