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How could anyone question Alex Jones' committment

I'm listening to Jason Bermas and Alex keeps popping in and he's kind of a task master on Jason. There's no way Alex Jones is anything but the real deal. Just thought I'd share that. I was a big Bill Cooper fan and I know what he said, but I'm not buying it. Alex is definately a good friend.

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You're right Mike. I think Coop was jealous.....

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Lest it return to the dust whence it came.
Therefore the soul deceives and despises."

I used to avoid him at all costs

Didn't want to be associated with someone with that kind of reputation.

Then I listened to him for a while, and I must admit, he is good. Worth defending, even if people think I'm nuts for it.

The people who question him

don't listen or are frankly a bit wacky and want to control what he says. Any dope can be a critic. But it take courage to put yourself out front.

I wouldn't & here's why:

He invites every single person, pro-Alex or anti-Alex, to research everything he's done & reported on.
The government tries to hide everything it does.

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

Obama = O.ne B.ig A.ss M.istake A.merica

i'll never question

i'll never question anybody's commitment to greed and attention.

America: 3/5 police state, excluding indians not taxed.
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Mike, if you are a fan of Bill Cooper and

trusted what he said then you must believe that the illuminati government is in contact with ET's and cooperating with them. Cooper talked about a long and deep conspiracy that involved life from other planets. So, hypothetically, if this were the case, this secret group would have been keeping a very close eye on Cooper and the size of his following. They would have had ample time to insert an operative into position to steer the movement astray if they needed to. How then do you justify Alex's unwillingness to talk about the ET connection? Cooper said whoever fires the first shot will lose. Alex certainly could push the button at the right instant and get some people to act stupidly like Cooper thought he was trying to do on Y2K. This is a really good youtube for those who may not know what I am talking about:
I'm just playing devil's advocate here, I'm not sure what to think about the whole thing. At times Alex seems to be sincere, but the more I hear from Cooper the more I am beginning to think that he is the more reliable source. I just want to know your thinking here.

Bill Cooper fully debunked himself later in his career

I have a lot of respect for him. Alex was pretty kooky on y2k also.
I do wish Bill had survived till now to see what he would have to say. I think Alex is much quicker to run with something from a caller than Bill ever was. I wish Alex would give Bill credit for the 9-11 prediction, but I think he's a friend. In this world, you never really know though. If I could find a good woman I'd move to the islands and forget about it all.

Is it possible to forget all about it Mike?

I would hope there was somewhere where that would be possible but I am not so sure anymore.

According to a book 'The Happy Isles of Oceania - Paddling The Pacific' by Paul Theroux people in the islands are pretty aware and concerned of what is going on in the rest of the world. He traveled there for a year or two and wrote about the natives. He camped on the beaches and wrote about true life in the tropics (as he passed through) and their concerns about world war.

"This was at the time President Bush (senior) had given Saddam Hussein an ultimatum for withdrawing troops from Kuwait"...

this was a few weeks before the bombing started. It seems like everywhere Theroux went in the isles people asked him about the US and Iraq. They all were worried a World War would come to the islands like the Japanese and the US did.

Sorry for the ramble, but I am re-reading this book for the fifth time right now.

You might look into the Trobriands if you can't find a woman...just go during the yam festival.
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I know all about the the trobiands (gilbert islands)

My favorite professor in college was William Taft Stuart, the Gilbertese expert. I think I may stick to islands within a two day boat ride to a continent. Roatan and the Seychelles call me.
You know, this "find one on the island" idea ain't half bad. I'm doing it.
I'm outta here. Anybody wanna buy a big printer?

Care to share how he

Care to share how he debunked himself? No, I would rather not do my own research on "the most dangerous man in America. Spoon-feed please :)

Ventura 2012

remind me another time

I'm going to bed now.

Yes good point

But we should still be very vigilant, and I believe that there is reason to tread carefully with Alex. I just recently started to listen to old cooper broadcasts, what is it that you are referring to in your subject line?

He shed the ET stuff very openly

Not UFO's but the ET stuff. The government owns classic UFO style craft and may drag them out as an international unifying event. The guy was a really straight shooter and happy to be wrong; I really respected that about him.

I'm a straight shooter

I'm a straight shooter myself but sad to be right at what I predicted. If I were only right on the good things, it would be different.

hmm that's interesting...

can you cite this?

I wonder

About anyone of any influence, leading dissent. When you start looking into the rabbit hole, you begin to wonder if there is anyone these people don't control. I have alway's believed that the good patriots alway's end up dead or in prison.

did anyone hear

Steve Quayle on last night?_________________________________________
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listening right now, lol

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do you have any fingernails left MMJ ?

Sorry, I listened last night. I wasn't shocked, but took a few deep breaths...
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Because most people are

Because most people are still too concerned with the package over the content. And they are still more media brainwashed then they would like to admit.

They either don't like Alex's style or they are too concerned they will be stigmatized by thier friends if they admit Alex is right on anything.

I personally don't care that much for Alex's style but I got a lot of respect for him and he has balls when it comes to exposing stuff. And he has been proven right over and over.

As I said most people can't get past the packaging or the media stigma branding of Alex.

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Alex Jones has been fired up

Alex Jones has been fired up during the last programs! The corporatist globalists aren't happy at all with what he's been doing, which is exposing the truth!

Alex is undoubtedly a fear

Alex is undoubtedly a fear monger sensationalist, but to say he is a traitor is to show what emptiness pure conspiracism is as an educational ideology. They always eat their own.

Alex's support of the constitution and Ron Paul is what got Dr. Paul most of the internet support to begin with.

Ventura 2012

Anyone who still calls AJ

a fear mongerer is still in la-la land. All he does, and he gives his all!!! is making people aware of what the powers are up to. Fearmongering involves scaring people with rumors. Alex backs up his reporting and encourages to do your own research.

Fearmongering is based on hollow stuff. The government is instilling fear, warning about attacks to come, putting all kinds of ridiculous measures in place 'for your own good' but will not explain why and what there is to fear other than 'terrorists'.

You Go, Hannah!

You hit the nail on the head w/that one!! Good girl!

hanna, can I come live with you?

I'll build you a shower...


not sure what brought that on but... have you got a voice to match the shower?

I am crying I laughed so hard Mike!

"I'll build you a shower..."

That has got to be the funniest one liner I have ever read on the DP!

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