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**Retirement Dreams Disappear with 401(k)s**

60 Minutes: The effects of the current economic crisis have touched everyone. Even if you still have a good job and a paid up mortgage, chances are your monthly 401(k) statement will remind you that you've lost a good chunk of your savings.

Trillions of dollars have evaporated from those accounts that have become the prime source of retirement funds for a majority of American workers, affecting their psyche and their future. If you are still young enough, there's time to rebuild and recover, but if you are in your 50s, 60s or beyond the consequences can be dire, and its drawing attention to the shortcomings of a retirement system that has jeopardized the financial security of tens of millions of people.................... (more on this story with video in link below)


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I was warning people for years to cash out...


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

I tried to talk my dad out

I tried to talk my dad out of his 401K but he didn't want to swallow the cost of closing it early.

Am I glad I got my ass burned in the crash of '87

I was 44 then, and learned a valuable lesson. I cashed out of the market and sold my 10 year 8 % U.S. Treasury's to break even. I even owned a gold mine stock that went belly up. I thought because the Coors brothers and a big oil company owned the Gold mine stock big-time, it would be okay. Wrong, I sold the gold mine stock to my broker for a $1 tax loss.

U.S. Savings bonds, Treasury's, CD's, cash and Gold the only way to go for me since.

My insurance broker, lost everything day trading long ago, even his deceased wife's (ins. broker too) insurance. I have a former Marine pal, a seasoned stock broker who just lost 50K of a clients on bad advice.

No doubt about it...it's time to get out and set-up a homestead.

A place that does not have radical swings in seasonal climate and is productive for cropping "year around" for food and shelter. Stable government with NO MILITARY or TERRORIST HYPE.

In short............

Discover Costa Rica

Discover Costa Rica

Do you have more info on

Do you have more info on Costa Rica that you would recommend? My GF is going there this summer and she wants to move there someday.

Cashed out of my 201k

over the last 2 years. The 10% penalty we pay makes me sick, but with taxes going higher and higher it should be a wash. My brother is very well to do and he said the 401k thing is a scam. Going long only in the market is a fools game. This whole phony economy as Peter Schiff would put it is in serious trouble. The companies and industries that survive will be government backed as we see currently.

My home, car and just about everything else I own has depreciated at an accelerated rate. Small and medium city governments are to much the blame in all of the excessive condo build up as well. I once was a builder that had to compete with developers that fooled city hall members to approve condo projects with 3-4 hundred units, This put 10 times the amount of dwellings on the market than the area could sustain. All for the sake of increasing tax revenue. I attended these meetings as was never taken seriously. Now they sit there empty and half completed. I do think if you can wait it out for a time there will be a chance to buy a home down the road on the cheap. At this time we do not see ourselves being able to retire. That is fine, as there are no tablets written in stone that says this has to happen. I don't think the Green initiative will work to pull this country out of the mess it is in right now. Seems the cost is to high for this to get legs. The pay back of solar, wind,and geothermal is to far out to be much of a benefit to most consumers.

The green movement is

The green movement is another scam. Has any of these tree huggers ever thought about how much energy it takes to produce solar panels. I assure You it uses a lot of energy. The only viable alternative in my eyes is wind energy but there are many areas in the US that have less than 10mph wind year round so thats only viable for the areas with wind. Geothermal is only located in areas with volcanic activity. Nuclear is an option but just like solar it takes a lot of energy to enrich the uranium and poses a ecologic disaster down the road when the depleted uranium has to be disposed of.

The Green scam

The green scam is the same old dinosaur corporations dressing in green. That is the scam.

CA has "micro climates". A swamp cooler works on the east side of a building, an air conditioner is needed for the west.

There are alternatives that work well in some areas and not well in others, and this is why Ron Paul saying, we need a free market is really true."

The human being does not require much energy, so there's allot a person can do to reduce their "carbon footprint", wars, and instruments like HAARP, and Chemtrials, and sonic testing, nuclear testing, massive oil spills, and chemical spills, criminal pollution, and I'll go so far as to say things like illegal drugs, where meth labs, and illegal marijuana grows destroy the earth.. THIS is what need to stop.

I think alternatives are worth checking into, and I LOVE creative thinking which expos are allot of fun.

pulled 1/2 my 401 in a "loan" to myself then pulled the plug!!!

the time is now and the hour is VERY late...

SMART moves

because, if you rad the fine print, the govt. owns/controls your 401ks and IRA's anyhow.

They have plans to confiscate and limit your withdrawals AND, if you die and any if left, your family only gets half. It's about wealth re-distribution because "some can't work and contribute to a 401k".

Pull the plug immediately and put in a separate saving account, I call mine WCA - wealth contribution account - and only use to make money and put it ALL back. This way YOU have control of your money.

You can see what others have done - line their own pockets with the fruits of YOUR labor - been done since 1913.


I'm a young whipper snapper. What if instead of a 401k I sent said monies into a PM safe. Don't they have PM 401ks?


This is my life. My husband can't retire and I am teaching more than ever to stay ahead. We are making plans to alleviate our situation but we have lost a lot. Won't be retiring until we go into the pine box.


"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5,6


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

My husband works

401k shot. I was going to work when the kids grew up. I did work some while they were young and before they were born. But now i have epilepsy and can't drive very far. Work is not really possible. Don't quite have enough work points to get social security disability. Was going to start a business at home. Pet care, Got started using an equity line wich was cut off by city bank even though it was paid up to date and then some. I had put plans on hold and was waiting for the economy to improve. Now I have the equity line to pay back but wasn't far enough along to open the kennel. He is 55 and could lose his job because they could give his supervisor job to a younger guy they can pay less. Hopefully that won't happen but we are scared. I want to help but there is not alot I can do. Hope my garden does well. The weather isn't cooperating on that either. I think I would die if we lost our modest home. I'm used to seclusion out here in the country and moving to the burbs or dity terrifies me. I'm used to being alone. My condition stays under control better in a quiet environment. I usually only go out for rallies protests, and political events where I can contribute to our movement.

My Ron Paul people are the only ones I feel safe around. They give me the strenght to go to the general assembly ect. Stress is a big factor to my neurological condition. it is frustrating not to be able to drive much.
I find my self getting very deppressed lately. Sorry to whine. So many exspenses coming at us at one time right now. son getting married,daughter having a baby, need, some medical care, need a bed, pets need to go to the vet.At least we have been doing some preparations. Stocking up on food and ammo. Hope the garden does well. Hope I can sell or barter with some fresh veggies. We have lived here 21 years. Very modest home but some acreage. We were reading the local paper and found out we are supposed to get a land distubance permit for a garden the size we have plowed up or could be fined up to 10 grand. What next? I mean we are zoned agricultural WTH?

Check out some local fraternaities

Many rural communities have Granges, or Eagles, Moose, Elk, Rotory, Lions, there used to be allot more, and many around are dying, and that is a shame because these organizations are, in my opinion, are where people can come together to better themselves and their communities.

I feel blessed to have a Grange, where one Sunday a month we serve a pancake breakfast, all the pancakes you can eat, all the coffee you can drink, two eggs, big slab of ham, hash browns, home made blackberry syrup (and bottled maple).. $6.00. 400 people come.. locals. During elections, Sheriff, DA, Fish and game... they all come out to pour coffee.. (I wore a Ron Paul apron and passed out slim jims LOL.. sheriff said he really liked Ron Paul but didn't think he would win... ) The Grange's big deal is County Fairs, Grange also established the 4H (now under Universities), Future farmers, Rural mail, .. We have pot lucks, as do other fraternities, and man do we have tons of pot lucks.. I love it when people start bringing in their home grown veggies, and meat.. and I especially love the comfort foods.. ok desserts.

We adopted a section of hwy to keep clean, we write resolutions, we contribute to all kinds of local events and we offer scholarships. When a member falls on hard times, we help... just the other day a Granger had a fence busted and a number of us went and mended the fence.

I feel safe and very secure. I encourage you to look into your local fraternities and organizations that are community oriented. Hopefully, you have a Grange nearby and let me tell you, sister, these 90 year old women KNOW how to farm, read, and are not afraid, but strong women, and talent! Grange has talent too! And animals!! We've hosted ASPCA pet adoptions. We were talking about making and selling biofuel, and we are also talking about expanding the "farmer's market", and the Grange is just one fraternity... but this works for me, otherwise, I'd be worried, but I know, I'm going to be OK and my community is going to be OK.. and you know what?

You and your family are going to be OK... this too shall pass. Do you sew? Sell guilts at the Grange. Get involved!

We know our freedom is going going gone

when we have to get a permit to even raise a garden!! Where I'm at in Nebraska, we can't get a permit to drill a well, either .... even though we're sitting on the largest water aquifer in the US. Sick.

That sucks!!!

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."