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We need to get the phone calls rolling in.... Demand justice and accountability...

Demanding the resignation of Harman and the communist Feinstein. It is very telling the Fox news has this story on their political page instead of headlining their home page with this story. The crazy thing is that they call us protectionists, while all they do is bury the corruption of these crooks in Washington. Anyone out there with the numbers to call we should start demanding that these individuals resign, and not let days pass as they story and the general public slowly forget what is occurring. It is our responsibility to demand that these that are caught in corruption cases be removed from office, as well as those that are in the present administration pushing laws on the public that they themselves ignore, such as taxes, or working with foreign agents, or other items the main stream does not want to talk much about to the American public, that relies on them to give them their news, custom fit for a pro political spin.

When the media does a valid report of possible corruption and no one raises a hand to investigate or impeach, then they certainly will not and the corruption is looked at as a little oversight, instead of what it really is. When will we as a group demand that when these individuals are caught, they must be tried, and then stripped of title, homes, cash, and other items obtained while representing the American people through fraud, and possibly treason.


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I agree...this is criminal!!

Here is another story on it by Justin Raimondo ..goes a little deeper into more Israeli spying cases.
Harmanic Convergence~Jane Harman, AIPAC, and the Rosen-Weissman spy case

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