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Rule of Law Revolution Launches!

by Jack Pelham
22 April 2009

Would Ron Paul love this or what?!

The solution to America's quagmire may be much simpler than you think!

America has been sold, and has bought, as nasty package of political philosophy that includes the following:

1. An apathy that our nation is so corrupt as not to follow its own laws.
2. An ill-informed belief that we are supposed to have a "two-party system of government".
3. An insane belief that anything good could possibly come from putting "the lesser of two evils" in office.
4. A shamefully-helpless insistence that there's just nothing we can do to put good candidates in the races unless the political parties will do that for us.
5. A nasty habit of mistaking issues of the Rule of Law as issues of mere opinion---or perhaps of differing partisan agendas.

We have completely missed the fact that practically ALL our major problems are the result of our governments exceeding the powers given to them in the various constitutions or charters that established them. Instead of devoting all our energies to striking at the "branches", we should be striking at the "root", which is lawlessness!

The Constitution belongs to ALL of us, and we ALL get hurt by ungoverned government!

The Rule of Law Revolution is a peaceful initiative aimed at locating and publicizing candidates who will pledge ahead of time to uphold the Rule of Law should they be elected. In the ROLR Candidate's Pledge, they:

1. Pledge a firm loyalty to the Constitution of the United States.
2. Affirm that the office they are seeking does indeed have LIMITED powers.
3. Vow not to exceed those powers.
4. Vow to make the fullest use of their "checks and balances" powers to see to it that the rest of the government does not exceed its authorized powers.

Meanwhile, the Voter's Pledge is available to all eligible voters. In it, they can vow never to vote for any candidate who has not first taken the Candidate's Pledge described above.

Finally, there's a way to find and to support candidates who love our country more than they love their own careers or their special interests!

To learn more about the ROLR, please see our short welcome video at www.ruleoflawrevolution.com

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O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Make your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

I respect your right to take an oath.
But I never understood the importance of taking a pledge to either a flag or an oath to the Constitution. Honest men don't need to take a pledge and dishonest men won't keep it anyways.

Honest men certainly DO need to say what they're going to do....

....before they get into office. This is what a campaign is all about. Otherwise, it's "Please vote for me, because---well, just because."

We need candidates who will make it very clear exactly what they'll be doing if elected. None of this "Well, I don't want to promise anything", nor "Well, change takes time", nor "Well, I'll see what I can do."

The need of the hour is the candidate who understands that the fundamental problem is that government has snapped its Constitutional leash and is now a ruthless monster on the loose.

It takes a lot of guts to campaign on a platform of being completely uncompromised about the Rule of Law. Could someone lie? Sure they could. But if they don't intend to follow through with a promise like that, why risk alienating their political parties by making it in the first place? (Surely neither major party could accomplish its agenda if all its members in office were following the Rule of Law!)

So these pledges ask for them to put it all on the line---ahead of time.

In this day of lawless government, we would be foolish not to ask ahead of time whether or not a candidate intended to do the job as laid forth in the Constitution.

Jack Pelham
Rule of Law Revolution

Contract On Amerika

"We need candidates who will make it very clear exactly what they'll be doing if elected."

So ... let's spell it out:


How 'bout this for a political agenda ?

Where the Do Nothing Party loses me is....

That the DO-NOTHING PARTY, will continue to vigorously DO NOTHING, until the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is restored to its duly instituted and empowered status as originally intended by the Founders of this Nation.

In my view, this is like saying, "I promise to keep wearing my dirty clothes until such time as all the dirty clothes in the hamper have been washed----however, I will 'do nothing' to see to it that they get washed."

Sure, the "two parties" have deliberately undermined the Constitution, but the answer is not to run for office as an obstructionist---as a mere reactionary. In my view, this seems flippant and not likely to produce the results is claims to seek.

Jack Pelham
Rule of Law Revolution