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Obama supporters want us to work with them- a good idea

In a recent post someone mentioned that we should work with Obama supporters and find common ground on certain issues.

I've thought about it and I think they're partly right. But first they must prove their loyalty to our "cause".

If you Obamatrons, I mean, Obamanoids....well, whatever you call yourselves, want to work with us we want you to prove your dedication to a "minor" cause that I'm certain you'll have no objection to supporting;

Here's what I want you to do- get all of your friends, the Obamanins, make up a bunch of signs that read;


...and attend an END THE FED rally this Saturday nearest you.

For extra credit you can carry a sign that reads, "I'm stupid- I voted for Obama- forgive me!"

We'll be watching.

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There would have to be some sort of an entrance exam

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NO THANKS. The ones that I talk to don't have a clue, and follow blindly behind the Imposter In Chief. Well, maybe if they admit their errors, and promise to read and uphold the Constitution. But if that were the case, then they would be asking where Obama Been Lyin's birth certificate is.

I pick Obama supporters over

insane neo cons. Neo cons want a holy war. Period. We will NEVER be free while we fight their holy war. It really is that simple. I'd rather debate over health care. There will be NO debate over their holy war.

I think these people are the

I think these people are the stupidest people on the planet. They go to DC to march for life and vote Obama. huh? Dumb.

I could build an alliance to trade with Cuba and end the Iraq and Afghan wars. Can't see any other areas I would agree.

RS~ now ask the neocons of the new tea party folks

to do the same...and also ask them to support a non interventionist foreign policy!! ; - )

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Ok. I will

I've gotta write the warheads off, though. They're just killers. I suggest we put them on some island someplace and let them play war games all day long. You know, give 'em a lot of beer, TV, monster trucks: redneck stuff. They'll love it!

Like the idea...

But I wasn't aware that the majority of people that voted for Obama could read.

Still, worth a shot!

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Some are smart

I have a brother in law..he went to college..went back and upped his degree a few years ago...hes a computer programmer/fixer for a major hospital...he has many other talents including music and has a band..(in case your thinking..young idiot..hes in his mid 40s) his wife works for a large city...for the city government...their daughter gets A's mostly and B's here and there...ALL...OBAMA SUPPORTERS...So you see..some IDIOTS are educated.

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