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Corporatism is a better term than fascism

That is one point made very well in this EXCELLENT speech by Phil Pepin, San Antonio. One of the best of the tea party videos.

I think he's right, this is the best term to spread the concept, and it doesn't have the political, historic baggage associated with it. People swiftly understand the fact that, for decades government-corporations have colluded. Corporatism.

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I prefer the term "fascism"

precisely because of the baggage that comes with it.

That's like saying were a democracy. It's "mob boss" government.

Corporatism isn't bad. Like professionalism or medical professional or tradesman or clerical.

The U.S. is run by a mob syndicate with two competing but friendly families as fronts. The Bushes and the Clintons. And unlike traditional crime families they are paid off to make it all look OK.

The real crime bosses are almost invisible and they are more sick minded than any crime family I have ever known. They even sub-contract to the crime syndicates.
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A rose by any other name

is still a rose.

I say pick your word for the situation (pros and cons)

Fascism rings true when you understand our Imperial
inclinations that need to be reformed. But very few can
handle that truth.

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I'm with you on that

I'm with you on that strategy.

Ventura 2012

Ventura 2012

Why sugar coat it?

I prefer Fascism. It's understood and it's reality. Why add powered sugar to a shit sandwhich?

Wow - Hahahahahaha

I wouldn't add that -- to a sandwich of said ingredients.....for at least 1 reason; also, sugar increases fermentation............I don't know

*walks away*

Unappetizing, but well said...

I was thinking along similar lines: I prefer the title 'fascism'. I prefer to call neo-conservatism 'fascism' as well. Both are fascist.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I called my wife "fascist" the other day when she bribed

my daughter to take my ice tea before I was done with it!!!


Very True


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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Agreed, corporatism actually

Agreed, corporatism actually means fascism and communism come together and collude against Joe Q and Jane Q Citizens. But I really love the term Communazism

Yes I use it all the time

Usually Ron Paul prefaces the statement "Facism" by saying "market-fascism" or "economic-fascism."

Corporatism -- always needs a definition when it's used -- But it sounds bad and has the word corporate in it so people just go with it, hahahaha.

You are right though - It would be more politically 'safe'.

A corporatist and an economic-fascist both seek "favors" from gov't by way of lobbying.

The consumer pays for the inefficiency granted by gov't protectionism AND we pay for every single lobbying dollar as all corporate costs are rolled into their pricing schemas.